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Vancouver Apple store robbed by bear spray wielding thieves

The Vancouver Apple was robbed on Monday evening by three men armed with bear spray. Bear spray, also known as pepper spray is used to fend off bear attacks and is equally effective against humans. The men stormed into the open store and hit around 40 people with the spray causing mayhem and confusion. The men made off with iPods, iPads and laptops from the display areas.

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Paris Apple Store raided by four armed men on New Year's Eve

Four armed men raided the Apple Store in Paris on Monday evening with one security guard getting injured in the raid. The robbery took place three hours after the store had closed at a time when police were already stretched looking after New Year’s Eve revelers on Paris’ famous Champs Elysee and by the Eiffel Tower.

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Hundreds of iPhone 5 units stolen in Japan and UK

The iPhone 5 is just barely available to the public and already two high-volume burglaries have cleared out the inventory in some stores. In the UK, an O2 store assistant from Ilford is suspect of stealing some 252 iPhone 5 units and an unspecified amount of cash from the store's safe at around 1:30 AM this morning.

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Cheap iPads sold on Craigslist to lure buyers into parking lots to be robbed

Cheap iPads are being listed on Craigslist with a view to lure potential buyers to quiet car parks where they’re being robbed, sometimes at gun point. The latest scam comes from Uniontown, Fayette Count and WTAE has the full story.

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Find my iPad app helps 8-year-old catch burglars and $350,000-worth of stolen property

An eight-year-old kid from Tennessee was able to track down some burglars that had broken into his home and stolen his iPad by using an Apple-made location-tracking app. The Find my iPad app helped police locate the hotel where these thieves were staying, and their stash of $350,000-worth of stolen loot amassed over other break-ins.

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Picky pair of robbers take iPhones, leave BlackBerries, Androids

Two robbers on Columbia's campus apparently only fancy robbing iPhone users. If you have a BlackBerry or Droid, they'd rather take your cash instead. In three separate incidents on 114th Street the men repeatedly asked victims to fork over their iPhones. While the first victim handed them an iPhone, the second victim handed them a Droid. They apparently aren't Android fans and opted to take his cash instead. When the third victim stated she didn't have an iPhone, they refused to believe her and pushed her into a fence and searched her.

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