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Pacific Rim for iOS: Battle giant monsters with a giant robot and go poor in the process

Guillermo Del Toro's new action movie blockbuster Pacific Rim raked in millions during its opening weekend, and it's shaping up to be one of the summer's big tentpole movies. The movie, set in the near future, describes an Earth devastated by giant monsters. Mankind's only defense are a few remaining giant robots controlled by pairs of human pilots who work in tandem to control them. Now there's an iOS game based on the movie available for download. Is it worth the price?

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Double Robotics teleconferencing robot gives wheels to your iPad

There has always been an argument over whether the iPad was a truly mobile device; well the folks from Double Robotics have certainly put an end to that particular debate. Say hello to the Double teleconferencing robot, it aims to take teleconferencing to a whole new level. Its main feature is the fact that it is a mobile teleconferencing system that is controllable from one iPad while a second iPad sits on top and becomes the systems eyes and ears.

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Have your iPhone follow you wherever you go with the Galileo robotic stand

Let's say you're trying to have a Skype or FaceTime video call but you're also busy moving around an doing things. You can't hold your iPhone because your hands are full but you can't put it down either because you'll continuously be out of frame. Enter the Galileo robotic stands for the iPhone! It automagically follows you whichever way you go with complete, 360 degree rotational ability. (And it's cute too!)

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Sphero iPhone, iPad controlled robot - TiPb at CES 2011

Sphero by Orbotix is a robotic ball you can control with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. You can swipe, you can use the gyro and accelerometer, and since they've opened up the API developers can create pretty much any games they can think of.

Availability is later this year. Fun factor is high. We just hope they don't become self-aware too quickly...


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Friday Fun Video: iPhone controlled Solar Powered Arduino Tank

It's an iPhone controlled Solar Powered Arduino Tank. Do we need to say more?

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Tuesday Fun Video: iPhone 3GS Headed Robot!

Can't believe we missed this iPhone 3GS headed robot! (Don't tell Dieter). Which exact ancestor of our future robotic iPhone overlords we don't know, but we figure when the day does come, if they're rocking iPhone heads, at least Apple might still reject "wipe out humanity" or somesuch from their overlord App Store... (insert your own duplicates functionality joke here!)

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Monday Fun Video: Countdown to Skynet - iPod touch Edition

I, Robot. The Butlarian Jihad. Terminator. Cylons. The Matrix. And the endless sci-fi stories that inspired them. All that cultural warning and still, like lemmings, we humans rush towards inventing our replacements.

No one to blame but ourselves now really. And Apple for making our eventual overlords so aesthetically pleasing...

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iPhone iRobot = Best Lego Kit Eva!

iPhonetic Legorganisms (iPhorgs?!) took a giant leap towards eventual world domination with the release of BattleBricks first iPhone Robot. Hacking together an iPhone with Lego's NXT Robot kit, combined with Apple's Safari browser, a little Java, Google web code, and lot of Azimovian know how, (eventual Skynet inventor?) Will Gorman presents a "freaking sweet" demo:

Check the read link for the step-by-step instructions...

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