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AC/DC finally gives iTunes the green light, complete collection now available to buy

After The Beatles music finally made its way onto iTunes, AC/DC were one of the only huge bands that did not have a presence with the iTunes Store. Thankfully that has now changed and you can finally get all of their brilliant albums directly from iTunes.

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Cydia acquires Rock, unifies Jailbreak app store

Rock Your Phone has been acquired by Cydia, creating a unified place to download and buy Jailbreak apps for iOS devices like iPhone, iPod touch, and ipad.

After 18 months in the iOS Jailbreak scene Rock has been acquired by SaurikIT (makers of Cydia) and over the next few days we will be moving all products/users/licenses over to Cydia Store.

Licenses are being transferred to Cydia so you should still be able to re-install all your already purchased apps at will.

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Jailbreak How-To: Back Up Apps in Rock and Cydia

In lieu of iOS4 and iPhone 4 next week, we know a lot of you will be upgrading to either a new OS or new hardware altogether.  Those of you that jailbreak may find backing up your jailbroken apps a lot easier than reinstalling everything once you re-jailbreak.  Now keep in mind, I wouldn't suggest upgrading if you're unlocked as unlocks are never a sure thing until they're released.  But if you're just jailbreaking, we're already aware of a working jailbreak that's ready for iOS4.  Given nothing changes, this should ease your transition.

Before we proceed, one more warning; as with any OS upgrade on iDevices, not all apps will be compatible immediately.  We saw this with 3.0 with things such as custom keyboards not working.  This may very well be the case again, so if you have jailbreak apps you just can't live without, make SURE they'll be compatible with iOS4 before you upgrade. Now hit the jump for Cydia and Rock back-up walkthroughs!

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How-to build or edit a custom iPhone theme

The jailbreak community offers an abundance of tools that allow you to make your iPhone fit your personality and mood.  If you're anything like me, I can be pretty picky about layouts and exactly how my phone is set up.  I want all my most frequently used apps in one place, neat and tidy, and ready to use.

For some iPhone users, that plain black background and all the stock icons get pretty boring.  I change my theme on my iPhone a couple times a month, if not more.  There are several jailbreak tools that can help turn your iPhone from boring, to brilliant.

There's always one problem with paid and free themes, you get what the theme developer gives you.  There may be some theme elements you don't like at all, or ones that are missing that you'd like to add.  There are several ways to edit themes and customize them to fit you individually. Today, we'll show you how to do just that.

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How to tweak your Jailbroken iPhone

We get a lot of questions about tweaking Jailbroken iPhones, so here are a few handy tools that are free and don't require a lot of know-how in order to implement.  All you need is a bit of spare time to change your Jailbroken iPhone from stock to stunning!

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