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Picture of 3G iPhone... dressed in black?

The iPod observer has a great shot of what could be the "back" of Apple's 3G iPhone. With the inventory running low across the country, could this be the next iteration? Will we know soon?

The iPhone is going on a year old and it would make sense for there to be a product refresh soon. But we are not even to the 12-month anniversary yet. What does Steve Jobs have up his sleeve?

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Warning! Another Week, Another Flash Rumor!

Yup. Just when ya thought it was safe to read the interwebs again, Gizmodo (via BGR) brings word that -- you guessed it! -- Flash is coming to the iPhone!

"You heard it here first, people! The latest version of the iPhone 2.0 firmware that was just seeded to developers has a YouTube plugin for"

Well, forgive me if I go looking for my iHulk Smash Puny Rumor graphic like immediately, b'okay?

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Rumor: .Mac Coming to iPhone 2.0?

No sooner did our own Chad Garette lay out the case for .Mac syncing via the iPhone, then iPhone Alley, (via TUAW), brings word that El Jobso might be doing just that:

In the just released SDK beta 2, iPhone Alley found a string within a preference bundle that reads: "Syncing with this Dot Mac account will turn off syncing for other Dot Mac accounts and delete any existing synced data." This suggests the possibility of wireless syncing for non-Exchange users.

This would be awesome additional functionality for both the iPhone and for .Mac. 2.0 really can't come fast enough.

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Rumor: More 3G from Kevin Rose

"Phone different, real posts no gimmicks"

[With apologies to Eminem and - ahem - our readers.]

Rumor's back. Back again. iPhone packed. Tell your friends.
From VP. Close to APPL. Kevin tweets. He's top lvl.
3G soon. GPS spin. Here by June. FTW!
Kevin's back. Back again. {interweb hums}

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3G iPhone around the Corner, OLED, 10 Million of 'em Ordered?

Ken Dulaney, a Gartner analyst has divulged to the iPod Observer that Apple may have already placed an order for 10 million 3G iPhones. Mr. Dulaney is aware of this based on the rumors he his following in Asia.

Mr. Delany also goes on to speculate that the 3G iPhone will also use organic LED's allowing the device to be thinner and have a lower consumption. This comes just days off of Kevin Rose's declaration that the 3G iPhone will have a built-in forward facing camera, possibly for video chatting via an iChat like client.

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Rumor: Apple Considering All-You-Can-Eat Music Subscriptions?

People don't want to rent their music. So said Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Of course, the Jobsinator also said people don't want to watch video on tiny iPod screens, and we see how far that got him...

So, while 100% unsubstantiated rumor at the moment, The Financial Times (via Apple Insider) is reporting a "tip off" that says Apple is now considering an unlimited music program similar to Nokia's "Comes With Music".

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SDK Event to Bring Exchange and Lotus Support?

Again with the Apple Insider analyst tea-leaf reading, we get word from Shaw Wu of American Technology Research that Steve Jobs will spend some time during Thursday's iPhone SDK Event announcing enhanced support for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus corporate email "solutions" (having worked in IT, I'm entitled to add the quotes.)

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Another Keynote, Another Fake Leaked Outline

Above: a big yawner, courtesy of twob

It happens every year lately - a day or two before the big Keynote, some tiny site1 claims to have the outline of what Steve Jobs will announce. The supposed goods on the iPhone: 16gb at $499 (really going on a limb there), arrival in Japan in March, and the unveiling of the SDK. A full unveiling, actually, with lots of details.

All of which are pretty safe bets.

After the jump: the full supposed outline. Give it credit for being realistic -- heck, give it credit for being boring. But do not, we hope, give it credit for beingreal.

1 Yes, we are a tiny site as well and we know you thought it earlier. Be Nice.

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Apple Making a Tablet PC?

An employee of Asus -- the company that builds many of Apple's laptops -- told CNET that they are making a tablet PC from Apple. It's apparently a brand new tablet design, not one that Asus has used before. The device could be introduced as early as January, at Mac World Expo 2008. Crave at CNET surmises that the tablet will take many OS cues from the iPhone, incorporating finger flicking, cover flow, and other gesture-based movements.

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Deep Red iPhone Coming?

Engadget reports that a deep red version of the iPhone is in the works. The report lists a 4GB version available in deep red, but I'll believe a deep red 4GB iPhone when I see it. The best reason that Apple would make a red iPhone is to be part of the PRODUCT (RED) charity for AIDS in Africa, which Apple has done with iPods for quite a while now.

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