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Chaos Rings for iPad now available, all Square Enix games on sale

Chaos Rings fans rejoice! The big hit by Square Enix is now available for iPad. Users have been enjoying the iPhone version for some time now, but the new iPad version supports 1024x768px HD resolutions so you can experience beautiful graphics, detailed backgrounds, intricate character expressions, and intense battle scenes on the iPad's large screen. The RPG features

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iPhone 3G Now On Sale! First New Zealand, Then the World!

YES! It has begun! New Zealand has the iPhone 3G! Officially on sale as of 12:01 AM local time, the Kiwi's are the first to grab up Stevo's 2nd generation mobile platform.

Shoppers, start your engines. From Oceania, the iPhone will start lighting up Asia, Africa, Europe, East Coast North America, West Coast North America, and finally Hawaii as its march across the globe -- and total Risk triumph concludes. (Well, except for holdouts China and Russia).

Where are you? When will you get it? Let us know your story!

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