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Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live launches an official app to let you stream your favorite sketches

As part of its ongoing 40th anniversary celebration, Saturday Night Live has released an official app for iOS. With the SNL app, you'll be able to stream an extensive backlog of clips, never-aired videos, and even express yourself with SNL-themed emoji.

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Saturday Night Live pokes fun at iPhone 5 complainers

The tech world has been ablaze with complaints relating to the iPhone 5 lately. Everything from Apple maps to scratched phones straight out of the box. Are we making a big deal out of nothing? Saturday Night Live seems to think so.

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SNL Weekend Update Roasts AT&T iPhone Network Problems

Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update sideswiped iPhone network problems last night, the latest in a series of mainstream reporting on the issue:

"It was reported this week that Google would soon launch its own cellphone as a challenge to the iPhone. Also a challenge to the iPhone? Making phone calls."

Whether AT&T is to blame, or some combination of how AT&T's network and the iPhone work together, we don't know. While AT&T was content to increase data revenue while decreasing infrastructure investment all in the name of shareholder value, it's perversely harder to ignore bad publicity than it is unhappy customers.

To quote Fake Steve, whose ill-conceived Operation Chokehold did succeed in bringing a lot of the current attention to bear:

AT&T, a huge wireless provider in the United States, cannot reliably connect calls in New York City. How can this be?

SNL video after the break!

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