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Scam Apps

Apple removes anytime screenshot updates to combat scam apps

Time was you could create any simple app you wanted, get it approved, then sneak back in and change the screenshots displayed in the App Store to make it look like your scam app was Minecraft or Pokemon or any damn thing you pleased. That time's over. Apple today announced that when an app is approved with a certain set of screenshots, it stays with those screenshots unless and until a developer submits an update for approval.

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Apple cracking down on App Store copycats

Those scam apps that have been copying icons and splash screens from legitimate apps, costing developers cash, and ripping off customers? Yeah, it looks like Apple is cracking down on them, at least the high profile ones that are most likely -- and most intended -- to cause confusion.

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What change does Apple most need to make to the App Store? [Poll]

What change would you most like to see Apple make to the App Store?

Apple announced the App Store way back in spring of 2008 as part of the iPhone SDK event, and now 4 years later it's the biggest thing to ever hit mobile applications, but it still has a lot of issues. If you could wave a magic wand and have Apple add one thing to the App Store, what would it be?


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The App Store and the scam app invasion

Fraudulent apps are a a complex, entangled, messy piece of business that harms Apple, developers, and consumers.

Recently there's been a dramatic rise in the number of fraudulent apps getting attention -- even top sales positions -- in the iPhone and iPad App Store.

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