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UPDATED: iPod shuffle Signaling Apple Switch to Locked-Down Headphones?

UPDATED: ZDNet retorts, and says to chill.

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NBC Universal Wanted iPod & iPhone Take

The cost of a show was not enough for NBC Universal. No, NBC Universal wanted a cut of the hardware sales for iPods and iPhones. I really don't get this. Would they bother Apple for a cut of computer sales? Do they get a cut of television sales? Would they bother TiVo for a cut of hardware sales? No, no, and no. I think they were just looking for publicity for their two new video sharing sites in taking their Apple spat public. I think one of them is called Whatever and maybe the other one is IDon'tCare.

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Class Action Lawsuit vs. Apple

There's a class action lawsuit brewing over the price cut and the discontinuance of the 4GB iPhone. I have no idea if this class action lawsuit has merit or not, but it looks like Dongmei Lee want to be a millionaire:

'For those claims which the Court is still likely to take into account, Li is requesting compensatory damages in the amount of $1 million, punitive damages in the amount to be determined at trial, and a court order that she is entitled to "threefold her damages, the costs involved in maintaining this action, and attorney's fees."'

Dongmei Lee's class-action lawsuit doesn't address the bricking of iPhones with the recent update, so maybe iPhoneClassActionLawsuitVille will be a two-horse town sooner rather than later.

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Magnuson Moss May Not Apply

Wired talked to lawyers about the implications of Apple dumping the warranty on unlocked iPhones as it pertains to the Magnuson Moss act, and came out with some unfortunate news. It's likely that Apple is within their rights to deny warranty claims to bricked iPhones if they were unlocked, as the onus is on the consumer to prove that Apple intentionally bricked iPhones. We wouldn't be able to figure that out without an inside source or a court order.

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