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Screen Replacement

HTC to offer free screen replacements for six months, but will that help them against the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5?

The iPhone 6 is coming. The Galaxy S5 is coming even sooner. HTC will be releasing a new flagship phone of their own β€” currently codenamed M8 β€” and while they make great devices, they've so far been crushed between the twin juggernauts of Apple and Samsung. So, HTC is trying something different β€” free screen replacements for 6 months. But can better service help them succeed where devices alone have not?

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How to DIY replace an iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS LCD screen

The iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS are some of the easiest iOS devices to DIY repair. With the right tools and parts, swapping out your bad LCD for a brand new one is a pretty easy and much cheaper than purchasing a new iPhone.

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Weekly Mod: how to DIY repair a broken screen on an AT&T/GSM iPhone 4

Have a shattered or unresponsive screen on your GSM iPhone 4 and need to know how to DIY repair it? If you don't want to put out the extra cash for a new phone and feel pretty confident in your repair skills, we can walk you through how to fix your iPhone 4 on your own.

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