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Screen Shots

Apple removes anytime screenshot updates to combat scam apps

Time was you could create any simple app you wanted, get it approved, then sneak back in and change the screenshots displayed in the App Store to make it look like your scam app was Minecraft or Pokemon or any damn thing you pleased. That time's over. Apple today announced that when an app is approved with a certain set of screenshots, it stays with those screenshots unless and until a developer submits an update for approval.

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TiPb Asks: What apps are on your main iPhone 4S home screen?

What apps have earned a coveted spot on your main iPhone 4S home screen? Is it still default, just as Apple shipped it? Or have you moved everything around just so, including the dock icons?

Do you organize by function or type of app, or by aesthetics and icon color? Do you allow folders on your home screen or folders in your dock? Do you hide away any built-in apps like Stocks? Do you put your most used apps on the edges or in the center?

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