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#CESlive: Structure offers 3D scanning right on your iPad

Imagine being able to use a sensor to scan the room that you are in on your iPad and then have it digitalize instantly. The folks at Structure have introduced their Sensor product which allows you to do all of this with a simple add on piece to the iPad.

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iPhone 5 camera updated to feature sapphire crystal construction, better low light handling, and FaceTime HD

Apple's shown off the new camera that'll be a part of the iPhone 5 from their live event in San Francisco. While the iPhone 4S already contains an amazing camera, the iPhone 5 will add sapphire crystal construction, better handling in low light environments, and HD FaceTime support.

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Sony's new 13MP CMOS image sensor may power next iPhone camera

Sony has announced a new 13 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS image sensor that may be included in the next iPhone's camera.

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iPhone 4S has extra infrared sensor for Siri raise-to-speak

If you have been wondering how Siri reacts so quickly when you "raise to speak", the answer is a tiny infrared LED that's added into the proximity sensor in the iPhone 4S. iFixIt discovered the sensor after a second look, determining that it shines brightly whenever the screen is activated. The light isn't visible to the human eye but it's there. And it's constantly letting Siri know how close your face is to your iPhone 4S.

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Tip o' The Week: Outsmart Your Sensor

The iPhone is sensor-ific. It can sense if it's turned sideways, held up close to your face, and whether or not you are in a dark room or out in the sunlight. This week's Tip o' the Week is a simple way to exploit one of the sensors on your iPhone to save you some steps and power at the same time. Curious? Read on for the Tip!

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