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Sex-based Apps

App Store Leaks: iPad Apps and Game Prices, Explicit Category Redux

MacRumors, likely using elite-ninjary, managed to gain access to the upcoming App Store for iPad's best seller list and it highlights a lot of new and interesting details on what apps and games we'll see and what their prices points will be (something we'd just been wondering about):

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Apple Yanks "Explicit" Option from iTunes

We are sorry to pass on the news, but Apple has yanked the "explicit" category that was spotted earlier today within the App Store submission software, iTunes Connect.

An iPhone developer tipster told Gizmodo s/he verified the removal by contacting Apple via telephone and were basically told it was something Apple was considering but not to expect to see the explicit option back anytime in the near future.

So it looks like explicit content has seen its day in App Store -- just another reason for some of you to jailbreak, eh?

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Apple Adding "Explicit" Category to App Store?

Cult of Mac is reporting that Apple has added an "Explicit" category to iTunes Connect, the portal through which developers submit and manage their App Store apps. According to their developer source:

“It’s available for selection when adding a new app to iTunesConnect although I can’t see any sign of it in the actual App Store yet.”

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NYT: Apple SVP, Phil Schiller on Why Sexy Apps are Out, Sports Illustrated, FHM and Playboy are Still In

Apple Senior VP of Marketing, Phil Schiller, was quoted by the New York Times in an article on the removal of 5000 sex-based app from the iTunes App Store:

“It came to the point where we were getting customer complaints from women who found the content getting too degrading and objectionable, as well as parents who were upset with what their kids were able to see.”

To developers who weren't afforded any warning or options to pre-emptively make changes where such changes would have been possible:

“We obviously care about developers, but in the end have to put the needs of the kids and parents first.”

As to why Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit app, the Playboy app, and a few other publication-associated apps were allowed to remain:

“The difference is this is a well-known company with previously published material available broadly in a well-accepted format.”

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5000 Sex-based iPhone Apps Removed, Are These the New Rules?

Chillifresh, who first sent TiPb word of their Wobble iBoobs app being removed from the App Store due to what Apple termed its "sexual content" has followed up with another blog post, now claiming 5000 apps have been removed and presenting what they say are the new App Store rules:

  1. No images of women in bikinis (Ice skating tights are not OK either)
  2. No images of men in bikinis! (I didn’t ask about Ice Skating tights for men)
  3. No skin (he seriously said this) (I asked if a Burqa was OK, and the Apple guy got angry)
  4. No silhouettes that indicate that Wobble can be used for wobbling boobs (yes – I am serious, we have to remove the silhouette in this pic)
  5. No sexual connotations or innuendo: boobs, babes, booty, sex – all banned
  6. Nothing that can be sexually arousing!! (I doubt many people could get aroused with the pic above but those puritanical guys at Apple must get off on pretty mundane things to find Wobble “overtly sexual!)
  7. No apps will be approved that in any way imply sexual content (not sure how Playboy is still in the store, but …)

Apple has already commented to TiPb that they took action following customer complaints over objectionable contents, and our readers have been split between "good on Apple, we don't want to see that in the App Store" and "shame on Apple, we should be able to decide for ourselves" camp.

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Apple Comments on Removal of Sexual-content Apps

Following up on last night's story about the removal of apps with sexual content from the iTunes App Store, TiPb asked Apple for comment and they responded:

"Whenever we receive customer complaints about objectionable content we review them. If we find these apps contain inappropriate material we remove them and request the developer make any necessary changes in order to be distributed by Apple."

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UPDATED: Apple Removes Sex-based Apps from the App Store

UPDATE 1: TiPb received a comment from Apple.

UPDATE 2: Chillifresh reports Apple has now removed 5000 sex-based apps and suggest new "rules" are in place.

Developer Chillifresh sent us a link to their blog post where they claim Apple is removing "all non-PG apps" (read: sex-based apps) from the App Store.

Here's the email they received:

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