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Shareholder Meeting

Apple holds annual shareholder meeting, Tim Cook talks competition, stock price, new product categories

Apple’s annual shareholder’s meeting was held this morning at the company’s Cupertino headquarters. These meeting are to allow shareholders to ask questions of Apple’s leadership, as well as hold elections for the board of directors.

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Steve Jobs: Birthdays, Awards, Contest Calls, Shareholder Meetings, and iPhone 3.1.2

Apple CEO Steve Jobs turned 55 this week according to TUAW, so we'll start off by wishing a healthy, happy, peaceful, and prosperous birthday! What do you get the man who gave us the Apple II, Mac, Pixar, iPod, iTunes, Apple Retail, iPhone, and iPad? Well, a couple of awards aren't a bad place to start...

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Apple Annual Shareholder Meeting Today

Apple will be holding their annual general shareholder meeting today. The Board of Directors (including Google CEO, iPhone partner, and Android rival Eric Schmidt) is up for re-election, and management will supposedly be held to answer by shareholders, but Steve Jobs will not be in attendance (he's still out on leave), and we don't really expect much in the way of specific iPhone news.

Of course, if anything interesting does come out, you know we'll keep you covered.

(via TUAW and Bloomberg)

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