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Foxconn finally agrees to acquire Sharp for $3.5 billion

Taiwan-based manufacturer Foxconn has finally agreed to a deal to take over Sharp. The Japanese electronics company was originally set to be taken over for $4.3 billion but the deal was suddenly put on hold for Foxconn to analyze Sharp's financial situation.

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Foxconn's $4.3 billion takeover of Sharp suddenly placed on hold after announcement

Sharp announced that a take over by Taiwanese manufacturing giant Foxconn has been agreed to the sum of $4.3 billion, but hours after release Foxconn stated that the deal has been placed on hold.

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Foxconn offers $5.3 billion to purchase Sharp

Foxconn has made an offer to purchase display maker Sharp for $5.3 billion (¥625 billion), according to The Wall Street Journal.

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Apple, Foxconn are reportedly considering major investments in Sharp's LCD business

Both Foxconn and Apple are said to be mulling major investments in Sharp's display business, which would see Foxconn take a majority stake in the business.

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Samsung making 3% investment in Apple display provider Sharp

Samsung is taking a 3% stake in Japanese company Sharp, a major Apple component supplier. Sharp will use Samsung’s $110 million investment to show bank lenders that their LCD business continues to be viable. Interestingly, Sharp is not only a long-time partner of Apple, but also a long-time rival of Samsung. The two companies have historically been competitors in both the display panel and television markets. Samsung’s investment signals a change in that relationship, as well as a boon for Samsung, as Min-Jeong Lee And Juro Osawa of the Wall Street Journal report:

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Apple reportedly halting iPad retina displays production at Sharp

Last weekend it was iPhone 5 displays, now it's iPad 4 displays, and just as before, we have a sensational headline attributed to a couple of anonymous sources, with only the most superficial context and analysis provided far, far below in the body. This time, according to Reuters, production of iPad 4 displays at Sharp is being kept at levels only sufficient to keep the line running. However:

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Sharp allegedly facing cost, production challenges on iPhone 5 screen

Sharp, which was recently claimed to have begun manufacturing screens for Apple upcoming iPhone 5 launch, is now rumored to be facing higher than expected costs, and hints production may fall behind schedule if they don't get some extra cash from Apple...

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Sharp's new president, Takashi Okuda, claims display shipments to Apple begin in August

Japan's Sharp Corporation will begin shipping display components to Apple in August. This according to their new president, Takashi Okuda, who made the statement during Sharp's latest quarterly earnings report. The report wasn't exactly all that great, so rather than closing on a sour note, Takashi Okuda held a press briefing and proactively let slip the Apple news, which we can only assume he thinks will help make up for the notably dismal earnings.

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Foxconn supposedly preparing to manufacture Apple television set [Updated]

Foxconn chiarman Terry Gou was recently quoted as saying that the manufacturing giant is making preparations for an Apple TV set, which included buying a significant stake in Sharp for access to LCD displays.

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Next generation iPhone rumored to use new in-cell touch panel displays

Apple's next generation iPhone is rumored to use a new display panel technology that could make the device not only thinner but lighter too. The panel technology which is called in-cell touch is currently being rolled out by Sharp and Toshiba.

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