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iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 state of the Jailbreak

Will I be able to Jailbreak iPad 2 running iOS 4.3 when it launches? Thats a question on a lot of user's minds. We already know the jailbreak community is working towards an iOS 4.3 jailbreak. What we "do" know is that a tool won't go official until iOS 4.3 is out of beta and in the hands of consumers. Most of the reason behind this is so Apple doesn't patch it in a last minute update.

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SHAtter bootrom exploit possibly leaked, what it means for jailbreakers

The SHAtter exploit found by pod2g appears to have been leaked. Who leaked it and for what reason is still unclear. What is clear is that Apple will certainly find a way to patch the hardware if it did in fact leak. When Limera1n was released, it kept the SHAtter bootrom exploit safe for future jailbreaks as it would require a complete hardware revision to be done by Apple.

SHAtter basically used a hardware exploit in the A4 series of devices (iPhone 4, iPad, AppleTV 2nd generation, and iPod Touch 4G). You can bet Apple will make a hardware revision to patch SHAtter. It seems there is some drama between some members of the jailbreak community over who actually "leaked" the SHAtter exploit.

@P0isixninja of the Chronic Dev Team is pointing a blame finger to @Musclenerd. As Musclenerd concentrates on unlocks, it seems unreasonable to think he'd leak an exploit he would need in order to create an unlock. Click through for a response to the drama from @comex, who claims if it doesn't stop, he'll just e-mail the exploit directly to Apple. Not good news for the jailbreak community.

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Dev Team comments on Geohot's limera1n [Jailbreak]

The Dev Team has commented on Geohot's multiple iOS device jailbreak, limera1n, released yesterday. A bootrom-level Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS (2009/2010), iPhone 4 (2010), iPod touch 3 (2009), iPod touch 4 (2010), iPad (2010), and theoretically Apple TV (2010). which was released yesterday and it's fair to say it hit the community like a small yield nuclear blast:

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Apple TV (2010) Jailbreak via SHAtter shown off

Looks like Apple TV (2010) can indeed be Jailbroken via the SHAtter exploit just like any other iOS 4.x device to date. Keep in mind the image above is just a tease and the Jailbreak hasn't been packaged for the masses yet, nor have we heard of any Apple TV-centric Jailbreak apps or extensions yet, but we can dream, right?

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