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Signal Strength

TiPb Answers: Causes of Wi-Fi interference

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad all have Wi-Fi radios in them and anything with a radio can suffer from interference. Some causes of interference are relatively simple, such as "holding it wrong". Others may not be so obvious, such as being close to the microwave. Here TiPb goes through some of the common reasons that your Wi-Fi signal may have issues such as decreased wireless range, decreased network data speed, and even a complete loss of connectivity. We'll also offer some fixes... after the break!

[Apple Support]

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iOS 4 vs. iOS 4.0.1 (and iOS 4.1) signal mapping changes

Anandtech compared the differences in signal mapping between iOS 4 and iOS 4.0.1 (and iOS 4.1) and concluded that Apple has indeed produced a much more reliable system (meaning the old system was less than honestly reporting strength):

As you can see the old way (top) put far too much weight into the 5th bar of signal. Apple's new approach not only splits it up more reasonably between the 4th and 5th bar (still non-linearly keeping you in the 5th bar if possible) but also extends the range of the lower bars.

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Is signal strength a factor in iPhone 4 antenna reception issue?

We've gotten a few emails this morning from TiPb readers who think signal strength might be a factor in the dreaded iPhone 4 "hold different" reception problems. Last night when testing at home, they could kill the signal by holding the iPhone 4 over the lower left side. When taking it out of their homes and onto the streets, it didn't seem to happen any more.

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Bad Signal? Check your SIM Card