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Attack of the iClones: Microsoft Unveils... My Phone!

Yep, they're not just iClone'ing phones anymore. The App Store is on everyone's must rip list, and what else? It rhymes with iPhone and works a lot like MobileMe...

According to WMExperts, it's Microsoft's new My Phone (née SkyBox).

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Send in the iClones! Windows Mobile 6.5 Services Edition!

Welcome to 2009, where Microsoft will -- at some point later this year or next -- release versions of what Apple released in 2008!

Our frenemies over at WMExperts have the details, and we have the snide remarks:

  • SkyMarket looks to be the App Store done Microsoft's way. Does that mean each app will ship in Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Really Professional, Ultimate, and 8 more server SKU's?

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