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iTunes 7.5 and Quicktime 7.3 Updates

We mentioned the release of iTunes and Quicktime in our podcast yesterday, but haven't provided any release notes. There's not a lot in terms of content for anyone deciding to update or not. Ambrosia reports that iToner still works -- though the initial update will wipe out iToner ringtones, you can easily sync them over. The iTunes doesn't touch a user's library file, so there shouldn't be any risk of anything. The QuickTime update includes improvements for converting video for the iPhone. Are you excited about this? Yah, me neither.

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Another Changewave Survey

Changewave released information from their latest survey, and the iPhone is tops again. 2% of the 3654 people surveyed have iPhones. Of the people that have iPhones, 82% are "Very Satisfied," up 5% since the last survey in July and tops in the list. The only company with "Very Satisfied" ratings above 50% is RiM with the Blackberry series. Best yet, the iPhone is set to capture a bit more than 2% -- Changewave reports that a full 16% of all people surveyed intend to purchase an iPhone within the next 6 months. Quoth Tobin Smith, founder of Changewave:

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