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Special Edition

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A couple of months ago we decided to relaunch iMore's Sunday show, but with a decidedly different twist. Instead of artificially dividing up Apple's increasingly interconnected, if cyclical, product lines into separate shows, or merely doubling up on the Wednesday iMore show format, we wanted to try something more audacious. We wanted to invite on some of the best and brightest minds in tech media and analysis and go deeper than the headlines. We wanted to explore Apple and its competitors, and the way media treats (and sometimes mistreats) them. We wanted to delve into strategies, challenge perceptions, and try to provide nuance, context, and perspective beyond what a sound bite or pull quote allows. And, based on our guests so far, I think we've gotten off to a great start.

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Today on the Forums Special Edition: TiPb AT WORK - Vote Now and Win!

Today on the forums come a few hot threads from one user! ExBBUser want to know, what are you current top 5 apps from the App store? He's a newcomer to the iPhone and would love to hear your opinions! In this next thread ExBBUser wants to know do you use any other device in addition to your iPhone or if you still carry around your old BlackBerry, Palm, or Windows Mobile device? Would you be so kind to help him out?

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