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Speed Brain

Speed Brain for the iPhone: Exercise Your Brain!

It's easy to get overwhelmed these days with the avalanche of information about how to get fit, take care of your body, live longer, live better, eat better, and so on. Diets come and go, new fitness machines are peddled faster than you can say "infomercial" and Chuck Norris' age seems to be the only constant.

It may be easy, then, to ignore the brain and forget the old adage "mind over matter." Without the mind, it won't really matter. The folks at lumosity.com understand the importance of exercising your brain and have a scientifically-proven method for doing so. Fortunately, exercising your brain doesn't require expensive equipment or hauling around heavy workout apparatus - if you own an iPhone or iPod Touch and can summon the physical strength to tap the glass, you can start exercising your brain now with their app, Speed Brain.

How does Speed Brain work? Read on after the break!



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