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EA Mobile Hands-on with Spore: Creatures for iPhone -- TiPb @ CES 2010

EA Mobile showed TiPb some of the new gameplay that's coming to Spore: Creatures for the iPhone and iPod touch, and it represents the next stage of evolution. Literally.

Picking up where Spore: Origins left of, your little life-form crawls from the primordial ooze, you have to negotiate similar challenges to last time, but now there are also bosses to contend with, and creatures you may just socialize with rather than savage (or be savaged by!)

It's coming soon to the App Store. But we have a sneak peak video right after the break!

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1 Level Free! Are "Lite" iPhone Games an App Store Deal or a Dud?

One of the highest profile iPhone games to state, EA's Spore, retails on the iTunes App Store for $9.99. Now, however, you can also get a "free" version, Spore Origins Lite Edition (iTunes link). The catch? It's teaser consisting of 1 level. Since Apple doesn't (yet?) have a model for demoing apps ("try" instead of "buy"), it's likely the only thing developers can do to give potential buyers a real preview. They hope, after one or a short number of levels, you'll be hooked enough to pony up the bucks for the full blown version.

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Apps for Less! Xtreme Gaming Edition - Raging Thunder, Spore, ImaginationLand

If you happened to miss our first Apps for Less, be sure to check it out for some great App Store deals! We here at TiPb are all about saving you money, so without further ado...

Arguably the top racing game available on the App Store, Raging Thunder, is now on sale for $3.99. That's 50% off folks... not a deal to pass up if you enjoy your racers!

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Review: Spore Origins for iPhone

(Not one, but two premiere game reviews on TiPb today. If you haven't already checked out the review of The Force Unleashed for the iPhone, go get your Star Wars on)

Given all the hype these past couple of weeks -- heck, these past couple of years -- you probably don't need much introduction to Spore, so we'll keep it quick. Spore is a game about evolution that works via a little intelligent design: you start out as a helpless, single-cell organism and work your way up the food chain. On the console and PC versions of the game, this eventually leads you to intergalactic conquest.

In Spore Origins for the iPhone ($9.99 at iTunes), that process is scaled back quite a bit. Over the course of 30 levels you stay pretty much at the single-cell level, adding various eyeballs, feelers, spikes, and the like as you tilt your way through the primordial sea, gobbling up smaller creatures and avoiding the larger ones.

We at TiPb have been waiting for Spore ever since it was announced. Heck, we were hoping it would come to the iPhone well before that. Does it live up to our expectations? Read on...

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Spore Origins: Now Available in App Store

Well it's finally here. Spore! The game that we've been waiting for ever since the 2.0 firmware was announced.

It was released today and can be purchased at the App Store for a cool $9.99.

TiPb will be back with a hands-on review, but I played around with it early this afternoon and I must say it is a very well polished game that is worth it's price tag.

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