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Put out some more fires with Sprinkle Islands, now available on iOS

Sprinkle has long been a favorite of ours on any platform, and today we get a whole new game to play through with the launch of Sprinkle Islands for iOS. Fans of the original will feel right at home, as the familiar water shooting, fire extinguishing action returns for another turn.

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Sprinkle for iPhone and iPad review: Fight fires and save villages but don't run out of water first!

Sprinkle for iPhone and iPad is a great casual puzzler in which you'll control a water cannon in order to distinguish fires and save villages. The trick is that you've only got so much water and obstacles stand in the way of you and several fires. You'll have to use the water in order to move objects out of the way or cascade water on top of them in order to splash it up where you need it.

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