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Spy Shot

Spy Shots! iPhone 3G S Landing Across the Pond

Fair warning, this post is only for the serious gadget-loving Euro-Apple-fanbois....

Looks like the US isn't the only country where iPhone 3G S is already burning lens flares into people's cameras. Here are some early arrival shots from our 007-type friends across the pond. Europeans, the iPhones 3G S have landed! The carriers have them, and soon... so shall you!

More shots after the break!

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A Pic Inside the iPhone Factory

Pop quiz: Moms gets home, busts out her shiny new iPhone 3G, sets it up, makes ready to snazzify it another notch with some custom art, and -- Boom! -- she finds three snapshots lurking in the Camera App. Two are blurry. One's golden: A spy shot dead in the heart of the iPhone factory.

What do you do?

Post them on the intertubes, of course! (And thanks for that!)

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iPhone 3G Spotted. Again. Maybe.

Another day, another iPhone 3G sighting. This time is comes courtesy of iphoneclub.nl [currently down, via engadget mobile] and the image seems to confirm our previously posted image of the iPhone 3G inside a case - which is to say it's a little bit bigger, a little bit whiter, but otherwise looks like an iPhone sans the metal casing on the back.

Does anybody think that this is coming later than the expected June launch date anymore?

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