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Top 5 NFL Football apps for iPhone

Football season is upon us again and with it comes the need for score updates, player stats, rosters, and other information hardcore fans want in the palm of their hands. For iPhone users, you've got tons of options when it comes to apps. Whether you just want to check score updates or check on your favorite fantasy football league. Follow along for our top picks.

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iOS used by 100% of multi-platform developers on Millenial network

Millennial Media's July Mobile Mix report shows that while iOS is still dominant, Android is coming on like a freight train. Millenial's stats are also one of the few ways to see what's trending outside the increasingly closed worlds of Google- and Apple-assimilated and controlled ad networks. Here's the breakdown:

  • iOS was the platform utilized 100% of the time by multi-platform developers on Millenial's network. Android was second with 75% and RIM in the third position with nearly half developing for their platform.
  • iOS remained the leading OS on our Millenial's network in July with a 55% share of impressions.
  • Apple ad requests are up 24% month-over-month, 15% since January.
  • iPad ad requests grew 327% month-over-month.
  • Android OS grew another 47% month-over-month. Since January, Android has grown 690%. Android also officially became the number two OS on the Millennial network (surpassing RIM)

One more chart after the break...

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Games Way More Popular on iPhone than Other Smartphones

Anyone surprised that games are way more popular on the iPhone than on competing plaforms? Mplayit has put out some interesting stats, not only on what apps are popular with their Facebook sharing users, but what kinds of apps are popular on the various platforms they monitor. While on Android and BlackBerry, non-game apps account for 83% and 67% of popular titles, on the iPhone they're only 36%. That leaves 64% for games.

That might be a concern, frankly, if the numbers weren't north of 150,000 leaving plenty of room for great productivity, utility, social networking, and other apps in addition to the increasingly good games. Embarrassment of riches indeed.

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Mobile YouTube Uploads Increasing 400% PER DAY Since iPhone 3GS Launch

Dan Moren at Macworld quotes the figures:

In a post on the YouTube blog product manager Dwipal Desai and community manager Mia Quagliarello say that the number of videos uploaded to the sharing site from mobile phones has jumped 400 percent a day since the iPhone 3GS’s release last Friday.

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Buh-Bye BlackBerry Say 12% of iPhone 3GS Buyers

Apple Insider reports that, based on a Piper Jaffray survey:

12% of consumers who visited a retail store this past weekend to make their iPhone 3G S purchase said they were replacing a BlackBerry handset, the latest sign that Apple continues to make headway against rival Research in Motion in the high-stakes smartphone market.

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iPhone has a commanding lead in mobile Internet traffic

What a great start to 2009! Net Applications (a leader in tracking website applications) has just released their monthly survey for January 2009. The news? The iPhone accounts for 0.48% of all Internet traffic! This is amazing considering that the Mac has 9.93%. Compared to one month ago, the iPhone''s share of Internet traffic has grown by 9.09%.

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App Store Stats: Who's Buying What, What's Buying You

Interested in knowing what apps are being bought at the App Store? Well, lucky you, Medialets has estimates for your viewing pleasure. To determine demand, Medialets uses the number of ratings each app has and also takes into account the average rating of an app as well. So though it may not be the most accurate measurement, it's still a fairly good barometer in determining app popularity.

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