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Stock Manipulation

Why Apple had to close at $500 on January 19

Joe Springer on Seeking Alpha proposed the following theory on why institutional money had a lot to gain by pushing Apple's stock price down to $500 by January 19, and a lot to lose if it had remained substantially higher.

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When Apple-is-doomed rumors don't match the math

More on the dumbassery -- or manipulation -- that was the Wall Street Journal story this past weekend alleging Apple was cutting iPhone 5 orders in the face of weak demand -- namely the questions the WSJ should have asked, and the logic they should have applied, before slapping the headline under their masthead, usually one of the most respected in the business. Particularly, the rah-rah Samsung tone taken in the article, and on many technology sites as well, that reported doom-and-gloom for Apple in the same feed they bolstered Apple's competitors. Mark Rogowsky from Forbes elaborates:

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How the stock market, and Apple's stock price, is manipulated by rumors

Last weekend a rather bizarre article appeared in the Wall Street Journal, one that claimed Apple was seeing weak demand for the iPhone 5 based on a couple of guys telling the reporter that screen orders for Q2 had been cut in half, one that original included a ridiculous 65 million unit figure that later disappeared, only to be echoed by Reuters a short time later, one that sent Apple's stock price tumbling -- again -- based on nothing more than unsubstantiated, illogical, incalculable rumor.

That it was the Wall Street Journal that published the story likely lent the story credibility it might not otherwise have enjoyed. A bunch of smart tech heads discussed the story on Branch.

Kevin Michaluk forwarded me the above video from 2010 where Jim Cramer elaborates on how he, and presumably others, manipulate BlackBerry (RIMM) and Apple (APPL) stock by spreading just these types of rumors.

I'm posting it here so I can link back to it any time and every time another one of these rumors surfaces.

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Cramer on Stewart: Was Important to Say AT&T and Verizon Disliked iPhone, Wouldn't be Ready for Macworld

In one of the most remarkable inside-media interviews in recent memory, CNBC's Jim Cramer sat down with the Daily Show's Jon Stewart, and was made manifest for his network and industry's failures (according to Stewart) to properly fulfill their mandate as the 5th estate and pillar of democratic systems, and expose for their audiences the lies and deceptions that those in positions of power would perpetrate on them (and us).

What does this have to do with Apple and the iPhone, however? In one of the clips shown from 2006, Cramer specifically mentions how it is "very important" to "spread the rumor" that both AT&T and Verizon don't like the iPhone, and that it wouldn't be ready by Macworld.

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