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Survey says Siri use consistent, but limited among iPhone 4S owners

A recent survey of 482 iPhone 4S owners by Parks Asspociates found that 87% used Siri monthly, while a third used it daily to make calls, send SMS messages, and make web searches.

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84% of businesses buying tablets are are getting iPads

ChangeWave recently surveyed 1,604 IT personnel with buying power in their company, and of those planning on getting tablets in the next quarter, 84% are siding with the iPad.

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Apple claims top smartphone vendor spot after Q4 results, iPhone is now 8.3% of all mobile phones

Strategy Analytics has crunched most of the fourth quarter results announced this week (including Apple's), and figures the iPhone maker is now the top manufacturer, but only by a sliver.

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iOS beats Android in enterprise activations

Many big-name companies are already switching to the iPhone, and though BlackBerry is the biggest competition in the enterprise arena, iOS is doing a great job of cutting Android out of the picture. According to the latest data from Good Technology, the iPhone 4S was just as popular among businesses as it was among consumers in the last quarter, commanding 31% of enterprise activations.

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iStudiez Pro for iPhone- app review

This week I'm taking a look at iStudiez. A new school year is upon us and as I begin the journey of own Master's degree I thought taking a look at one of the leading school and course management apps in the App Store was in order.

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Motorola's Brand Loyalty Among Men 18+ Sneaks Past Apple

According to a study, Motorola recently surpassed Apple in brand loyalty among men 18 years old and up since the release of the Droid on the Verizon network. The study by YouGov's BrandIndex scale ranges from -100 to 100 and is based on weekday interviews with 2,000 interviews per day from a panel of 250,000 people.

This past week Apple has dropped from a November peak high of 48.1 to 22 and Motorola is staying strong with 29.3 with an error margin of +/- 2 percent. The real loser in all of this? Research and Motion and their BlackBerry smartphones as they have dropped to a lonely 9 in the study.

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Question: Which Mobile Device is the Most Reliable? Answer: iPhone!

MobileCrunch is reporting that:

The iPhone is twice as reliable as the Blackberry after one year of ownership, a new study by SquareTrade finds.

Wow. I was a Treo user for years (WinMo and Palm OS) so I know the issues these devices can have in terms of reliability-- first hand. Having used the iPhone since its launch in 2007, I can confidently say I agree with this study. I have not used a BlackBerry for an extended period of time, so I don't have first hand experience with what can happen to one, however, I have discussed this topic with the support team at my place of employment and they concur that even the fabled BlackBerry runs into issues over time.

This is big news for users that are looking for a reliable device that don't have the patience for the potential troubles other devices can have in the Enterprise (well, even non-Enterprise environment for that matter). The study is broken into a few different subgroups including:

  • Malfunction rate after 12 months
  • Malfunction rates since purchase
  • Probability of problems based on type (battery, call quality, etc)
  • Distribution of malfunction per 100 incidents

This heralds greatly for the iPhone which had the lowest incidents in all categories except the touchpad/screen/keypad category. This includes: Includes burn-in, screen spots, dead pixels, and touch screen dead spots. This is higher for the iPhone due to the reported problems from first-generation iPhones. I have personally not encountered any of the issues listed here, but hey, maybe I am lucky. The study does mention that the iPhone 3G does not appear to have any of these problems like the first generation did.

All in all, this is excellent news for the iPhone and Apple, congratulations! Read the full report after the jump!  

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