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China Mobile president: technology and 'business model' hurdles to carrying iPhone

The relationship between China Mobile and Apple has been a strange one to watch unfold over the years. China Mobile president Li Yue recently spoke about his company's ongoing talks with Apple, which he said have been going on since 2009, and have become "more intimate" in the last year (the same talks were confirmed back in May of this year). While the technology stumbling block would be acknowledged by anybody involved, Li says that it's not just technology that's holding things up - there's the whole issue of money too.

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Could Apple offer iTunes affiliate revenue to carriers as a subsidy for LTE data plans?

Last week we saw Amazon drop a bit of a bomb on the competition by offering a $50 per year data plan. At 250MB a month, it isn’t a very good data plan, but people will buy it. I wondered how Amazon could have negotiated such a good deal with AT&T. Perhaps they’re cutting them in on revenue from users who shop on Amazon while using a Kindle Fire HD via the LTE data network? It was purely speculation, but it intrigued me enough that I spent a bit more time thinking about this whole topic. And I quickly realized that Apple actually has a pretty well-established iTunes affiliate program.

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UPDATED: AT&T to Allow Early iPhone 3G to iPhone 3G S Upgrades?

UPDATE: AT&T has a press release up. It's for real.

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AT&T Posts iPhone 3G S Info Video

AT&T (via Macrumors) has posted the above video in hopes of clarifying how customers, new and existing, can get a brand new iPhone 3G S come next Friday:

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AT&T to Launch Trade-In Program This June?

BGR has just reported that AT&T may be working on a handset exchange program to be unveiled this upcoming June. Do you think this may have something to do with a new iPhone being released? Yeah, TiPb thinks so as well.

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