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Superfunctional 13: Q&A 1

Superfunctional 10: Core fitness

Superfunctional 9: Functional sleep

Geoff and Rene answer questions on how to get your functionality on track, then dive into the topic of sleep. Are you waking up during the night due to pain? Are you waking up in the morning in pain? What kinds of beds are best for you? And why sleep is so important to life and longevity. This is Superfunctional!

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Superfunctional 8: Causes and responsibilities

Geoff and Rene discuss how the true areas of dysfunction may not be where the symptoms present themselves, and how it ultimate rests with each individual to take personal responsibility for their health. This is Superfunctional!

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Superfunctional 6: Neck pain

Superfunctional 5: Fitness vs. Function

Superfunctional 3: Keyboard claw

Geoff and Rene answer a question about incline treadmills, then talk all about the keyboard -- or CrackBerry! -- claw. What causes repetitive stress injuries and what can be done about them. This is Superfunctional!

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Superfunctional 1: Standing desks