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Al-Jazeera to screen Syria documentary filmed entirely on an iPhone

TV news network Al-Jazeera will air a documentary tonight that has been filmed entirely with an iPhone. The documentary was filmed by an undercover journalist using just an iPhone as the use of a large camera would have been a major security risk.

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Syrian authorities ban the iPhone

It appears that Syrian authorities are now banning the use of iPhones in their country, seemingly due to activist use of the device to upload violent scenes to web sharing services such as YouTube. While the iPhone as a fast electronic news gathering and viral news tool is well known and well established but this is the first time we've seen only the iPhone banned in a country.

The government has already banned several types of social media use after protests started in January of this past year and over 4,000 have been killed. The authorities believe social media apparently has an impact. One activist has this to say -

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