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Brooklyn Tap House using the iPad and iPod touch for point of sale system

The Brooklyn Tap House is now using a new point of sale system that incorporates both iPads and iPod touches. The Brooklyn Tap House has one of the most extensive ale choices of any establishment that I have seen and now they can all be accessed and ordered using an iPad or iPod touch.

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AT&T's Hearing-Impared Plan Costs more on the iPhone 3G too

AT&T has a plan developed specifically for the hearing impaired who'd like to own an iPhone: Unlimited SMS, Unlimited Data, Visual Voicemail, and 40 cents a minute for calls. A good deal all around for $40 bucks a month. Scratch that -- it's $50 now for iPhone 3G users, but like the standard plans, iPhone 2G users can still get the plan for ten bucks less. All you need to do to apply is fill out the requisite forms from AT&T. Also notable: corporate plans of the same clock in at $65, but hey, at least the company is paying that bill.

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Tip O' The Week: Fingertip Tricks for Scrolling

Once I finally trained myself to no longer reflexively reach for a stylus on my iPhone, it truly hit me that the world was at my fingertips (warning: pun alert). Flipping through photo albums with the flick of my finger just doesn't get old. Pinching text and photos to fit on the screen or expanding the same with my thumb and index finger was intuitive from the time my iPhone came out of the box.

I like the little things, like tapping the very top of the screen to return to the top of a web page after scrolling down for miles. Conversely, it would be nice to have a similar mechanism for instantly jumping to the bottom, eh?

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