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Debug 13: Mike Lee and Lemur Chemistry

Mike Lee of the New Lemurs talks to Guy and Rene about airline Java, Delicious Library, Tapulous and the early days of iOS, United Lemurs, VC mistakes, the Obama and Apple Store apps, the Appsterdam project, New Lemurs, and dressing like a space pirate.

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Tap Tap Radiation for iPad - app review

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If you love Tapulous' Tap Tap Revenge on the iPhone then it's newer, bigger brother for the iPad, Tap Tap Radiation is something you're going to want to check out. The core idea is the same -- you listen to your favourite tunes, Tap Tap Radiation visualizes them as shiny colored circles racing towards you, and then it is up to your fingers to tap along with the beat.

Tap Tap Radiation gives you 30 free tracks to choose from. Some of the free tracks you are by Serge Devant, Richard VIsson, Mos Def and premium tracks (paid) include songs by Lady Gaga and Pink. The themes, graphics and effects do a good job showing off the iPad's larger screen and graphics power.

Tap Tap Radiation is the app to get for anyone who owns a iPad and enjoys playing games and listening to music. It's easy to pick up, relaxing and fun to play, and has three difficulty levels to help keep it challenging.

Tap Tap Radiation Free [iTunes Link].

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Tapulous brings Tap Tap Radiation to iPad

Tapulous and their Tap Tap Revenge franchise for iPhone and iPod touch need no introduction... so allow us to introduce their new big brother, Tap Tap Radiation for iPad! [Free - iTunes link]

Screen shots and video after the break!

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Tapulous' Riddim Ribbon with The Black Eyed Peas Now Available in App Store

Riddim Ribbon, featuring the Black Eyed Peas [$2.99 - <a href=http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/riddim-ribbon-feat-the-black/id350897007?mt=8">iTunes link] has just boom, boom, pow'ed its way onto the iTunes App Store.

Created by Tapulous, the developers behind Tap Tap Revenge, it brings the type of high octane, musical, iPhone and iPod touch-optimized gameplay they're famous for but takes it in a whole new direction -- first person front facing racetrack forward!

Bundled tracks: - Boom Boom Pow - I Gotta Feeling - Meet Me Halfway - 8 remixes

Downloadable levels ($0.99): - Tiësto: Louder Than Boom - Tiësto: Escape Me - Benny Benassi: Satisfaction

Also noteworthy:

  • "For a limited time only: purchase the game and get a FREE MP3 download of a Meet Me Halfway remix, downloaded straight to your iTunes!"

Video after the break, and if you try Riddim Ribbon out, let us know what you think!

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Tapulous Making $1 Million a Month in App Store, Even Apple Didn't Expect App Store Success

Making our collective jaws drop today is Tapulous, who are claiming sales approaching $1,000,000 (that's on million) dollars a month, and news that even those Apple had no conception of just how successful the iPhone app ecosystem would be.

First, Reuters reports that Tap Tap Revenge maker Tapulous, a 20-person iPhone development team, has seen 20 million installs and 600 millions games played, adding up to sales approaching $1 million a month.

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TiPb Give Away: Tap Tap Revenge 3 Wants to Help You Get Your Groove On!

Tap Tap Revenge 3 [$0.99 - iTunes link] is scorching up the charts, and so to thank their fans the fine folks at Tapulous are tripling up on the give-aways.

First, if you've already got the app, they want to give you the TTR3 version of #1 hit on iTunes, “Fireflies” by Owl City for FREE for the next 7 days! That's right, just fire the game up and download away!

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Updated: TapTap Revenge 3 Cometh with In-App Purchases for Big Name Song Bundles

Updated: It's here! TapTap Revenge 3

One of the most popular games in iPhone (and iPod touch) history is about to raise the bar again as Tapulous has just announced Tap Tap Revenge 3. What's new the third time around?

First, they'll have 40 song bundles from major artists available to purchase in-app at launch, along with custom themes for each. Next, they'll have an online mode with bombs, weapons, chat, PMs, and more. Customizable avatars are on tap, with achievements and levels, as well as an overall look refresh and performance enhancements.

There will be over 100 free tracks for download as well, along with new free and paid tracks released weekly.

Pricing is $0.99 for the app (Apple doesn't allow in-app purchase for free apps), with $2.99 6-track bundle and $0.99 2-track bundle options. Availability, of course, depends on when exactly Apple sees fit to release it into the App Store.

We're hoping for soon.

More screen shots and complete artist list after the break!

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Will Venture Capitalists Burst the iPhone App Bubble?

The self proclaimed World's Toughest Programmer, Mike Lee, who left Delicious Monster to work on iPhone apps for Tapulous has revealed on his blog that he and the Tap Tap Revenge and Twinkle maker have parted ways, and not on the best of terms:

So it came to pass that when my Engineering and Design team had irreconcilable differences with where the company seemed to be headed, I was asked to make good on those promises. Serving as the team’s reluctant spokesman was not in my best interests, but honor dictated my actions. I delivered the team’s message, and was invited to resign.

And what direction exactly was Tapulous headed? The always outspoken John Casasanta, MacHeist creator and iPhone developer, says:

...we’re about to experience in the iPhone world is going to be a bubble along the lines of the one in the late 90s / early 2000s. The vultures are out and and they taste blood. The iPhone’s one of the hottest things around right now and there’s little sign of its popularity letting up anytime soon. And the venture capitalists want in… badly. The fact that the iFund™ exists is overwhelming evidence of this.

Read on for more after the break...

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