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Task Killing

Angry your dictation button has gone gray and useless? Here's a fix that's only slightly less annoying!

Dictation is a fantastic, Siri-like service on iPhone and iPad that, at the tap of a mic button, transforms what you say out loud into text on the screen. But sometimes that mic button ghosts over, grays out, and otherwise becomes un-tabble. That kills the natural-language interface, makes apps less accessible, and can otherwise stop your productivity dead.

Luckily, there's a fix, even if it's only slightly less annoying then the problem!

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Why Apple Geniuses sometimes tell people to kill all their apps

A little over a year ago I wrote a rather controversial editorial stating that iOS users don't ever need to kill all the apps in their multitasking dock (fast app switcher). Earlier this year the subject was brought back to the spotlight, with other developers and bloggers reaching pretty much the same conclusion.

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Reminder: You really don't need to manually manage apps for iPhone or iPad

About a year ago I wrote a post explaining why you don't have to kill multitasking apps in iOS. iOS 4 had been introduced, bringing multitasking to iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and because Apple added the ability to jiggle and close them in the fast app switcher, some users decided to do just that. All. The. Time.

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No, you don't need to kill all apps on your iPhone or iPad

One of the most frequent questions we're getting these days is how to close all apps at once -- basically how to force quit or kill every app from the new multitasking/fast app switcher dock Apple introduced in iOS 4 for iPhone and iPod touch and iOS 4.2 for iPad.

The short answer is you don't need to. Really. If you've been worried about it, relax. It's all good.

For the long answer, read on after the break!

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