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Updated! iPhone 3G International Update: Australia Plans & Prices, Canada Stumbles, Sweden Crumbles?

Thanks to reader, Adam R. who wrote in to let us know Australian rates have been revealed, and his Blackberry can now "go the way of the dodo".

First up is Optus who've announced both pre-paid and post-paid plans. Pre-paid Turbo Caps start at AUS$30 for an AUS$30 "mycredit", AUS$110 "mybonus", and AUS$30 "mytime money" -- but no "mydata". At AUS$100 you get 100/800/100 and Plus 1GB "mydata". On these plans, and 8GB iPhone 3G will run you AUS$729 and 16GB, AUS$849. Not confusing enough for non-Ozzies, plan rates weigh in at AUS$0.78/min. for national calls,AUS$0.35 per "Flagfall" call, and AUS$02.2/KB weekdays and AUS$1.1/KB for "iZoo Browsing".

Read on for Post-paid, Telestra's first statement, Canadian craziness, and some Swedish relief!

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iPhone 3G Switzerland, Finland, and Denmark: Plans and Prices

TeliaSonera and their Norwegian subsidiary, Netcom, are pretty much dropping Ragnorok onto Scandinavians who dared hope for reasonable price plans, but how about Finland?

Small plans start at €31.69 for 100 min, 100 SMS, and 100 MB of data, with €159 for an 8GB handset and €385 for 16GB.

Large plans are €89.99 for 1000/1000/1000, with a €1 8GB and a €85 16GB.

US$142 for 1GB of data?

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iPhone Risk: TeliaSonera Scandi-Mania and Baltic Bash!

In keeping with other recent, ridiculously short and detail-free iPhone statements:

TeliaSonera today announced it has signed an agreement with Apple to bring the iPhone to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia later this year.

By Odin-One-Eye, the iPhone is coiling its way across the globe like the World Serpent in search of its tasty Thor-snack. Does this mean Ragnarok for Nokia on its home turf, or just that mythological metaphors strain awfully fast in blog intros?


Table shattering score card now link list:

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