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HTC targets iPhone users with its new Sync Manager desktop application

HTC announced the HTC One last week which is its latest flagship device running on the Android operating system. It appears that HTC believes it can pull current iPhone users away from iOS and onto android with its latest device and it is going all out to help people do just that by releasing software that can access an iPhone’s backup file. According to CNET Asia, HTC will soon be releasing an update to its desktop Sync Manager software that will have the ability to open up an iPhone’s backup file that has been created through an iTunes backup.

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New iPad vs iPad 2: Retina display tests

The new iPad sports a 9.7-inch, 2048x1536, 264ppi Retina display, which is twice as dense as the iPad 2's equal sized, 1024x1536, 132ppi screen but packs four (4) times as many pixels into the same space. That's exactly what it sounds like -- the new iPad has 4 pixels in the same space the iPad 2 had a 1 pixel.

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Daily tip: how to text message multiple photos at once

Ever wondered whether or not you can text message multiple photos at once? The answer is yes. Sending them individually is annoying and time consuming. And why when your iPhone easily allows you to send multiple photos at once? This will not only work for text messaging but for e-mailing photos as well.

Although you can send multiple images at once there is still a few caveats that we've found. The first being that you can only send a certain number at once. In most instances, this seems to be five. It also may depend on the size of the photos you're trying to send. You can also only send one video message at a time (for now anyways).

To text multiple images at once, follow these easy steps -


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On the eve of iMessage, AT&T removing all but unlimited SMS text plans

AT&T has confirmed to Engadget that, as of August 21, they'll be removing all but the unlimited SMS/Text messaging plans:

"We regularly evaluate our offers and are making some adjustments to our messaging lineup.

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TiPb Answers: How iMessage works [FAQ]

We're getting tons and tons of questions about iOS 5's new iMessage, how it works, where it sends to, and how to avoid sending to the wrong person or device. Apple hasn't given out a lot of details about it yet, but based on what they showed on the keynote and how they've previously handled user and device ID, we can make some guesses. Now if it looks a little complex... wellafter the break!

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Bugs: AT&T iPhone can send emoji to Verizon iPhone, but not the other way around

A rather interesting bug has been discovered: emoji sent over SMS between Verizon iPhone and AT&T iPhones is not recognized both ways - Verizon can receive from AT&T, but not vice versa.

When a Verizon iPhone texts emoji to an AT&T iPhone, all that is received is a bunch of random characters. However, a Verizon iPhone will recognize emoji sent from an AT&T iPhone with no problem. This inability to interpret emoji is only an issue with the messages app, however. An AT&T iPhone can recognize emoji elsewhere, like email and twitter, just fine - even if the emoji was sent from a Verizon iPhone.

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Daily Tip: How to change your iPhone text message notification tone

New to the iPhone and curious how to change your text message (SMS) tone? Apple is not overly generous when it comes to customizing alert tones on your iPhone. Ring tones are completely customizable but email tones can't be changed from the default unless you jailbreak. Text messages are somewhere in the middle -- you can personalize them but not customize them (yet). Read on after the break to find out how!.

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Beginner tip: How to make text messages more private

Wondering how to protect your privacy and stop iPhone SMS popups from revealing the contents of your text message? It's not set that way by default, which is pretty annoying, but it can be changed. We'll show you how, after the break!

Special thanks to Freiteez from the forums for this tip!

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PlainText for iPad- app review

If you are looking for a simple text editor with a clean, professional interface, PlainText might just be for you. Hog Bay Software has created a quaint little document app that goes out of it's way to do simple editing. The main benefit this app has over the built-in Notes app is that you can define and create folders; the level of editing is the same.

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American Idol Spam Text Messages on AT&T

Now this is not something new here, but AT&T and American Idol are at it again. The past few days AT&T has been sending out text messages advertising one of Fox's TV shows. How do I know? I got one of them... Of course this message does not cost the recipient anything and they could easily opt out by responding to the spam with a simple "stop". Even so, it still has the ability to be bothersome to AT&T customers.

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