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Ultimate iPhone Accessory Contest Week 2: The Twitter!

Last week the way to qualify for our new contest, the Ultimate iPhone Accessory Pack give-away was to join our new Facebook Page. Thanks to everyone who did so, and we're proud to announce last week's qualifier was Tara Bennett! Congratulations Tara! For qualifying, you'll receive a 15% off coupon for TiPb iPhone Store, and are entered for a chance to win the prize pack which now consists of:

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iPhone App Lightning Reviews - Get Discounts at the iPhone Blog Store!

Now that we've successfully giving away over a thousand dollars in iTunes Gift Cards and an iPhone 3G, it's time for us to take a breather. Thing is, the way we take a breather here at TiPb is to start up another way for you to get what you want for your iPhone. Here's the deal:

Head on over to our new "iPhone App Lightning Reviews" forum and, you know, post a review of an iPhone app. It can be native or web, legit or jailbroken. Be sure to include some screenshots as attachments -- on iPhone 2.0, you can just hold down the home and powerbutton briefly and the screenshot will get saved to your camera album. Keep it around 500ish words, be fair, and try not to all review the same apps -- though reviews after major updates are always a good idea. Give it a rating out of 5 stars and a couple pros and cons at the end too, for those crazy skimmers.

...Why would you do all that? Every so often the TiPb staff will be picking our favorites and promoting them to the front page. We'll thank you by giving back to you. More after the break!

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