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CruxSKUNK iPad keyboard seeks Kickstarter funding, thinnest iPad keyboard yet

The CruxSKUNK keyboard for iPad has appeared on Kickstarter and is looking for backing to fund its development and eventual manufacture. Forget the name, as it doesn’t do this iPad accessory any justice at all and take a look at this amazingly thin keyboard that could take typing on your iPad to the next level.

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Seidio Innocase II Surface for iPhone 4- accessory review

This week I am looking at the <a href=""">Seidio Innocase II for iPhone 4. What makes this case great is that it is a two-part case that snaps about two thirds down. You slide the iPhone into the top, then slide the bottom on. The two pieces snap into place to provide a secure casing for iPhone 4.

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Incipio Feather Ultra Thin Case for iPhone 4 - accessory review


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I have just finished my stint with the Incipio Feather Ultra Thin Case for iPhone 4 (hence-forth "Feather", that title is just way too long). What can I say? I like! The really thin nature of the case and the grip it provides is really nice. Plus, there are some extra benefits too. Keep reading to see all you get with this awesome case.

The first thing you will notice when you open the packaging for this case is that you get more than just a case, you also receive two surface protectors and a cleaning cloth. This is a very nice value for the price of this case ($23.95). The case itself is, as described, light and thin. It adds minimal thickness to the iPhone 4 and has a nice grip too it. I often refer to this as "grippy" plastic. Not slippery, but adds enough traction to be useful and stick in your pocket. The cut of the case is very precise. The back is completely covered except the camera and flash exposed. The case is very flush against the back with no real room for lint to enter. The sides flush as well. In fact, once you slip on the case, it can be a challenge to take it off. This, is a good thing.

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iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS in Pictures

You didn't really think we'd let you get through a day without setting the iPhone 4 down next to the iPhone 3GS, did you?

The verdict? Well obviously we prefer the iPhone 4, but we will say that the lack of a curved back has us flipping the device around quite a bit post-pocket-pull. But the iPhone 4 is thinner, feels nicer to our hands, and... well there are a lot of "ands," the last of which is ...and you'll have to wait for our full review for our full opinion.

Ok, we'll let one thing out now: while you may have pooh-poohed the Retina display from what you've seen before, when it comes to viewing text there's just plain nothing else like it out there. We've included a detail shot of the Retina Display up against the iPhone 3GS's display after the break (along with the rest of the gallery) and we're pretty sure it'll put most arguments to rest. Yes, it's not necessary to read web pages or ebooks, but seeing electronic text at this level of refinement changes you, deep down, and suddenly all other electronic text looks like amateur-hour.

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iPhone 3G to be Waif-Thin, Supercharged, & Ultra-Cheap?!

"Inside Steve's Brain" author Leander Kahney of Wired magazine is reporting a programmer source inside a major software house has revealed that the next generation iPhone 3G will thinner -- we're talking Paris Hilton thinner -- by a whopping 22%.

Not only that, it will sport better battery life than the already impressive 8 hours talk time of the first gen model, and twice the NAND flash capacity, topping out at 32GB. (Paving the way for 64GB iPod Touch's?)

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