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Tipb Asks

How does your iPad usage differ from your iPhone usage?

For those of you who have both an iPad and an iPhone or iPod touch, how does you usage differ between those two devices?

It's been just over a week now and I'm finding that I grab the iPhone for quick, on the go and interstitial activities and the iPad for slower, more relaxed and deliberate activities.

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What will we get in iPhone 4.0?

Tomorrow at 10pm PT, 1pm ET, Steve Jobs puts sneaker to stage and, along with SVP of iPhone software, Scott Forstall, gives us a sneak preview of the highly anticipated iPhone 4.0. No one outside Apple knows exactly what new features and paradigms iPhone 4.0 will offer. However, tradition demands we make our best guesses and ask you to do the same.

This isn't what we want, mind you. We told Apple what we want back on December 25, 2009: multitasking, better notifications, widgets for the home screen, instant access to important settings, themes, gestures like pervasive pull-down-to-refresh, system-wide "back" implementation, orientation lock, and resolution independence, along with a ton of great reader suggestions in the comments. We've also asked for a Finder app, like the Photo but to store document files.

This is what we think we'll actually get, given the rumors and the direction Apple looks to be going. This is us, TiPb staff and TiPb readers reading the tea leaves...

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What do you see in the iPhone 4.0 event artwork?

Apple's iPhone 4.0 sneak preview event invitation features the number four, though its shown in the corner, mostly cut off, identifiable only by its shadow.

The iPhone 2.0 event featured a road map apropos of the SDK introduction. The iPhone 3.0 event featured blueprints, perhaps a nod to the construction going on within the OS.

What then to make of iPhone 4.0's artwork? Dieter stared at it for a couple minutes to glean what he could and came up with this: the 4 is in the background. Shadows are typically in the background.

Are we reading too much into it? Are you reading something different? Share your best guesses in the comments!

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How do you use social networks like Facebook and Twitter on your iPhone?

The iPhone and Facebook and Twitter go together like chocolate and peanut butter but just like there are a lot of tasty desert combinations, there's a lot of ways to keep up with your social networks on the go:

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Should iPad apps be free if you already own the iPhone version?

If you've bought [App X] for the iPhone and the developer makes [App X] for the iPad, should you get the iPad version for free?

We've seen developers like Instapaper's Marco Arment specifically making "universal binaries" so users who bought the $4.99 Pro version can download an iPhone update, install it on their iPad, and get an iPad-specific user interface (UI) as well. (Think of it as two similar apps in one handy download).

We've also seen leaked screenshots have shown "HD" or "for iPad" versions of many popular iPhone apps and games that are being released as separate, all new downloads. In many cases these HD apps offer substantial differences brought about by the bigger screen real-estate and beefier processing power of the iPad and will carry their own price tag and perhaps be more expensive than the iPhone versions due to the greater effort put into them (more pixels, more functionality).

Some users no doubt feel entitled to free iPad versions if they already bought the iPhone version while some developers likewise feel entitled to get paid for the work they put into making different versions for a different device.

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How Do You Stream Music on Your iPhone?

Outside storing music in the iPhone's built in iPod app, there are a variety of ways to simply stream the audio you want to listen to:

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How Do You Use Gmail on Your iPhone?

Gmail may only be the 3rd most popular email service on the planet (behind Yahoo! and Hotmail) but it ranks first in the hearts of geeks everywhere and can be used in a variety of ways on the iPhone:

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