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Tipb Asks

TiPb Asks: How much will you use iMessage?

With iOS 5 Apple will be introducing iMessage, an SMS and MMS style service seamlessly integrated into the Messages app that uses your Apple ID and data plan instead of text plan... but only with other iOS 5 users. So lets say you and your special someone both have iPhones, or you have an iPod touch and your mom has an iPad, you can easily use iMessage to stay in contact. But, if you have an iPhone and your husband or wife has an Android or BlackBerry (and you stay with them!), iMessage will do you absolutely no good whatsoever.

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Poll: Would you be less likely to get iPhone 5 if there's no new design?

Would you be less likely to get iPhone 5 if there's no new design?

There are two seemingly conflicting rumors circulating about iPhone 5's design -- 1) that it will be a real, radical iPhone 5 redesign in a thinner, curvier, bigger screened, dare-I-say more metal-backed package, or 2) that it will be more of an iPhone 4S with increased specs like an Apple A5 chip but the overall design will still be the same as the current iPhone 4, stainless steel sandwiched in glass.

I've been hoping for option 1, a real, redesigned iPhone 5 since about a minute after I saw the back glass of iPhone 4. Jeremy on the other hand keeps bringing me down by saying "you get iPhone 4S!".

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Poll: What's the number one reason you Jailbreak?

What's the number one reason you Jailbreak?

What's the main reason you Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Is it for themes, so you can change up the whole look and feel of your device? Is it to unlock so you can run it on T-Mobile or travel internationally? Is it convenience, so SBSettings and BiteSMS can keep you going faster? Is t coolness, so you can show your friends the icons rolling around your screen or how you can turn your device off like an old TV? Is it Tethering, because you feel like you've already paid your carrier once for that data? Is it functionality, because you want your screen projected or recorded?

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TiPb Asks: Do you want more variety in your iPhone hardware?

On last night's iPhone Live podcast we discussed the just announced Samsung Galaxy S II models and what, if any, challenge they may pose for Apple's upcoming iPhone 5. One of the big differences is that, while iPhones are pretty much the same on every carrier around the world (Verizon iPhone antenna and firmware version being the only current exception), Samsung Galaxy S phones have varied a lot from network to network.

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Poll: What's the next iOS device you plan on buying?

What's the next iOS device you plan on buying?

What's the next iOS device you plan on buying? I'm guessing a lot of the TiPb Nation is waiting for the iPhone 5, but is anyone going to skip it and hold out for the iPhone 6? Maybe you hope that Apple discounts the existing iPhone 4 like usual, or puts out a budget iPhone nano instead?

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TiPb Asks: What do you want in the next generation iPod touch?

We've been talking so much about the iPhone 5 lately that it feels as if the iPod touch 5 is flying a little under the radar. Usually the iPod touch gets to headline Apple's annual fall special event but this year it sounds like the iPhone 5 is going to be stealing that thunder as well. Also, while iPod touch used to have the kids and the "I want iOS but I don't want an iPhone" market all to itself, it now has to share that with iPad, which isn't as portable but can be easier to use in some circumstances.

So how about we give the iPod touch 5 some love and ask what you want to see Apple announce for it this year?

An Apple A5 chipset seems a given, and that should be great for gaming with its 9x performance (and AirPlay mirroring in iOS 5, which is fabulous.)

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Poll: Is your iPhone home button having problems?

Are you having problems with your iPhone home button?

Simple question: is your iPhone home button still working as it should? Ever since iOS 4 and the reassignment of double click to the fast app switcher, it seems like we're click, click, clicking the home button more than ever, and that seems to be creating problems more and more often.

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Poll: What does Google buying Motorola mean for Apple?

What does Google + Motorola mean for Apple?

Holy heck! Waking up to the news of Google buying Motorola Mobility just shows you how fast our industry is moving and changing. But what does it mean for Apple, iPhone and iPad? Will Google really continue to run Motorola "as is" without much change, and Droids and Xooms will just come out again as they came out before? Or will Google start to copy the Apple model more and give Motorola exclusive Nexus handsets with much better, and even more competitive integration? Or will HTC, Samsung, and other Android OEMs feel screwed by this whole deal and start looking more seriously at Windows Phone or maybe even webOS, resulting in less choice for consumers on the Android side?

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TiPb Asks: What do you want from iOS 5 voice control?

I'm really looking forward to the new, system-wide "Assistant" voice control system Apple's rumored to be including in iOS 5. From the leaks, it looks like it might be implemented similar to Android -- a microphone button on the keyboard that you press to tell your iPhone or iPad you want to talk to it, then it takes your voice command or text entry, sends it to Apple's servers, and either does what you told it to do or types the text you told it to type.

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Poll: What do you want more of from TiPb?

What do you want more of from TiPb?

It's almost back to school time, TiPb Nation, and that means we're getting back to business bringing you more of what you love about iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV. But my question is, what exactly do you want more of?

When you hit TiPb, what do you want to see first and foremost, and what do you want to more keep up with more casually? We know everyone has different tastes and opinions, but this time it's okay to be selfish. This time it's just about YOU.

What do you want from TiPb this fall?

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