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Poll: Which social networks do you use regularly?

Which social networks do you use regularly?

Facebook is the most popular app on the iPhone and we've often said Twitter and iOS go together like chocolate and peanut butter. But social networks rise and fall. Remember MySpace, Jaiku, Buzz... Friendster? And hey, how about Google+ now that it's expanding beyond the techie early adopters, or LinkedIn which seems to always hover neither here nor there.

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iPad 2 or... MacBook Air 2?

iPad 2 or... MacBook Air 2?

Last year it was hard enough to decide between the starting-at-$499 original iPad on iOS 3.2 and the starting-at-$999 new MacBook Air on OS X Snow Leopard, but now we have iPad 2 on iOS 4.3 (soon to be iOS 5! and the just-released MacBook Air 2 on OS X Lion... decisions, decisions! (Never mind a possible Retina Display iPad 2 Pro/iPad 3 on the horizon!)

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Poll: What new feature do you want most for iPhone 5?

What new feature do you want most in iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 should be unveiled this fall, and as always Apple won't reveal any of its specs or features until Steve Jobs holds it up on stage. But that doesn't mean we don't have our wish lists! From the almost certain (Apple A5 processor) to the even odds (bigger screen) the pie in the sky dreams (glowing Apple logo!), we're curious to know what new feature you want most?

Vote in the poll up top and give us your full wish-list in the comments below!

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Poll: How would you feel if Apple released a second new iPad this year?

How would you feel if Apple released a second new iPad this year?online surveys

Can you not wait for Apple to release a second, Retina Display equipped iPad 3 (or iPad 2 HD/Pro/Plus) this year, or does the mere thought of it fill you with unbridled geek rage? The rumors keep getting stronger, and TiPb and many others have heard that Apple is seriously considering adding a new iPad to the already chock-a-block fall lineup.

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Poll: Are you going to jailbreak your iPad 2?

The iPad 2 Jailbreak is finally here, courtesy of JailbreakMe.com, but will you use it? iOS 4.3 is solid and iOS 5 is just around the corner with Notification Center, iMessages, and more. So is the need to Jailbreak still compelling?

I'm still on the fence myself, so help me make up my mind before iPad Live this Sunday. If you're going to Jailbreak, let me know and tell me why. If not, same deal.

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TiPb Asks: How are you using your iPhone or iPad on July 4?

It's the July 4 Independence Day holiday in the US, where rockets are red glaring and cannons are air bursting, and we have no doubt a lot of you are breaking out the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad to help you celebrate. And we're curious how?

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TiPb Asks: How do you watch videos on your iPhone and iPad?

How do you watch videos on your iPhone? When the original iPhone launched -- 4 years ago today! -- it came with an iPod app that could play iTunes/H.264 MP4 movies and video podcasts, and a last minute YouTube app addition for online videos. Fast forward to today and iOS 5 is set to break the iPod app in two, Videos and Music just like iPod touch and iPad, YouTube can be played in Safari and embedded web views via Google's web app, and a host of other sites and services now make apps and web apps as well.

There's Netflix and Hulu, ABC and Global, and BBC and MLB, HBO and Comcast, Ustream and Air Video, and a ton of others.

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Poll: Will you be buying an unlocked US iPhone 4?

Will you buy an unlocked US iPhone 4?Market Research

Now that Apple is finally selling the unlocked iPhone 4 in the US, will you be buying one? If so, is it the lack of a contract, the easy SIM-swapping when traveling, or some other reason that makes it compelling? (Like scalping them overseas, maybe? You can tell me!) Or with iPhone 5 just around the corner, is there no way you're dropping $650-$750 on a 12 month old iPhone 4 at this point? Are you undecided, or decidedly no?

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