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Tipb Asks

TiPb Asks: What are the best things to watch on Netflix?

Now that Netflix is streaming to iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV, what are some of the best things to watch? There's family programing to keep the little ones entertained, car shows and animal documentaries to keep the men enthralled, recent movies for when friends and families arrive, and sitcoms old and new for when you need a laugh. There are so many movies, TV shows, and specials, it can be hard to figure out what's best to watch next. And because some of them vary by time or by region, it can be a little complicated. (Hello Mad Men in Canada, good bye James Bond in the US!) That's where the TiPb nation comes in, of course!

What do you consider the best things to watch on Netflix? What are the classics no one should miss and what are your current favorites? If we got to peak at your Recently Watched list, what would we see?

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Poll: Will you still jailbreak post iOS 5?

Will you still jailbreak post iOS 5?survey software

So will you still Jailbreak now that Apple has included notifications, lock screen info, and so many other features into iOS 5? Granted most of them don't do as much as their Jailbreak counterparts, but you aren't required to Jailbreak to use them either.

Are you a hardcore Jailbreaker and you're going to do it no matter what? Are you taking a more wait-and-see attitude? Or has Apple finally done enough to convert you from #TeamJailbreak to #TeamPure?

Vote in the poll up top and give me your reasons in the comments below!

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Poll: Are you happy with iCloud?

Are you happy with iCloud?Market Research

After what seems like a years of speculation and months of rumors, Apple has finally shown us iCloud and... what do you think? Is it the perfect solution you've been waiting for, or did Apple once again prove they don't get the 'net?

How does it compare to Amazon and Google's offerings for the stuff you want to do?

Did they have you at "iCloud", will you try it out and see if they can win you over, or was it DOA to you?

Vote in the poll and let me know what you really think in the comments!

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Poll: Are you happy with iOS 5?

Are you happy with iOS 5?customer surveys

So now that you've gotten your first taste of IOS 5, what do you think? Did it blow you away, make you mostly happy, leave you wanting more, or just tick you off?

This is it, Apple's mobile OS for 2011 and a good part of 2012. Is it enough to keep up with Google's upcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwich (love their names!), HP webOS 2 and 3.0, Windows Phone Mango (not sure about their names yet!), and BlackBerry's new QNX platform?

Is it enough to keep you on Apple, or to win you over to iPhone and iPad for the first time? And why?

Vote in the poll up top and give me the details in the comments below!

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Dear Android and BlackBerry users, what would iOS 5 need to win you over?

Apple will be announcing iOS 5 on Monday and if the rumors are to be believed it will do pretty much everything from notifications to make you a tasty vanilla latte (okay, not really.) But it does beg the question -- if you're an Android or BlackBerry user, or a Windows Phone, webOS, or fan of any other platform, what would Apple have to do to win you over to iPhone and iPad?

Rene's posted his want list

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Poll: iPhone, iPad, or PC for browsing the web?

Which do you prefer for browsing the web, iPhone, iPad, or PC?Market Research

What's your absolute favorite device for browsing the web -- iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or your Mac or Windows PC? I'm a little torn myself.

The iPhone is great when I'm out and about and have no other options, but it's small and doesn't support Flash, and it's not a fast experience.

iPad is big and beautiful and I love it for reading and relaxing but it also doesn't support Flash and I can't type on it as fast as I need to for things like blogging here on TiPb.

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TiPb Asks: How do you check the weather or your iPhone or iPad?

How do you check the weather on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? On the iPhone and iPod touch you have the built in, Yahoo! powered Weather app and while it's relatively simple and quick it doesn't provide a lot of information. The iPad doesn't even come with a built in weather app, so finding something you like in the App Store or bookmarking a website are your only options.

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TiPb asks: How do you manage notes on your iPhone?

Last week on our iPhone Live! podcast, Chad and Seth got all nerdy about how they take notes, and manage their workflows, on the iPhone, and we figured it would be great to get even more views on this. So we're asking the TiPb nation!

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Poll: Do you prefer Apple apps or Google web apps?

Do you prefer Apple apps or Google web apps?customer surveys

While the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad come with built in, Apple made Gmail, Maps, and YouTube native apps, Google also provides Google made Gmail, Maps, and YouTube web apps. Apple native apps gain all the benefits of being part of the OS, including attachments, contact integration, etc. but Google updates their web apps quickly and keeps the experience the same regardless of the device you're using.

Do you have a preference? Do you prefer Apple's design and the unique iOS look and feel of Mail, Maps, and YouTube, or you prefer the Google vibe and want everything to look like the web regardless of where you're accessing it from?

Apple vs. Google. Native vs. Web.

Vote in the poll and give me the details in the comments!

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Poll: iPhone keyboard - portrait or landscape?

iPhone keyboard - portrait or landscape?survey software

With your iPhone, do you mostly type with the keyboard in portrait mode or portrait rotation? Apple added landscape keyboard system wide in iOS 3 because they said users kept asking for it. I never use it though. On the iPhone, I'm strictly a portrait typist.

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