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Tipb Asks

Poll: Do you get apps on iPhone, iPad or iTunes desktop?

Do you get apps on iOS device or on iTunes desktop?online survey

Once again drawing inspiration from Chad and Rene making fun of me on iPhone Live! we're polling the TiPb nation to find out if you buy or download your apps and games directly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or if you prefer getting them via iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC and syncing over, or if you go both ways?

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Poll: Which version of iOS are you currently running?

Which version of iOS are you currently running?customer surveys

Which version of iOS are you currently running? Apple released iOS 4.3.3/4.2.8 last week so we figured we'd see how many of you in the TiPb nation updated your primary device, be it an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to the latest and greatest?

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Poll: Are you using your iPad 2 cameras?

What do you use your iPad 2 cameras for?Market Research

Are you using the cameras on your iPad 2? Apple really didn't go out of their way to provide great cameras, basically porting over what they had in the iPod touch 4 instead of the much better camera in the iPhone 4. But they say the best camera is the one you have with you and from time to time, that will be the iPad 2, right? No, really? Perhaps you have seen our TiPb TV tourist episode and gained some inspiration?

If you've made regular use of your iPad 2 cameras for still pictures, shooting video, FaceTime calls, Augmented Reality apps, or anything else, let us know!

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TiPb Asks: Do you judge an app by its icon?

A while back on iPad Live, we got to talking about how we often judge and app by its icon -- if the icon is bad, or even just not great, we don't buy it (ahem, Chad!). There are just so many apps in the store it becomes an easy way to eliminate some. If the developer doesn't care enough to make a fabulous icon -- the thing everyone sees when buying and launching their app -- what else don't they care about?

Are we being snobs? Superficial much? Missing out on great apps just because the developer was better at coding than they were design? Or do great icons sometimes hide crappy apps?

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Poll: What do you want iPhone 5 to look like?

What do you want iPhone 5 to look like?online surveys

What will the next generation iPhone 5 look like when it's finally released -- likely this fall? Will it be like the iPhone 3GS was, the same casing with faster processors, cameras, etc.? Or will it be an all new design inspired by the MacBook Air or iPod touch? (I've gone out on a limb and said my wish is a return of the metal back). Maybe a bigger screen like some of those Android Phones, or a smaller screen like the nano? Or could Apple push the pace of innovation again and finally give us a translucent device, like we've seen in Avatar or Iron Man?

If you could sit down with Steve Jobs and Jony Ive, and they asked you what you want iPhone 5 to look like, what would you tell them? Vote in the poll above and then let us know the details in the comments below.

(And watch the video after the break for a funny take on iPhone 5...)

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TiPb asks: How do you group your Folders?

iOS 4 finally gave us Folders in which to group our apps, but do you use them and if so, how do you use them? Do you have only the default Utilities Folder or have you made Folders for virtually all your app categories and sub categories? Do you keep Folders all on one home screen page or are they spread out across every page? If you have both, do you organize things differently on your iPhone than you do your iPad? Do you put any Folders in your dock, and if so, which apps get that exulted position?

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White iPhone 4 is here! Are you ordering online or standing in line?

The white iPhone 4 is official going on sale on Thursday, April 28 and depending where in the world you are... that could be now! Apple online will begin taking orders as your local store passes midnight, and Apple retail and select resellers will start opening the doors pretty much from this moment on, so we want to know if you're getting one?

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Poll: Are you getting a white iPhone 4?

Are you getting a white iPhone 4?survey software

Are you getting a white iPhone 4? If rumors are to be be believed, tomorrow is the day you can finally get your hands on the very nearly mythic device. Almost 10 months after Apple announced it at WWDC 2010, it should be going on sale at Apple Stores, Best Buy, and a variety of carrier stores world wide.

Have you waited this long to update? Will you be swapping your nearly identical black iPhone 4 for white? Or do you have absolutely no interest at all in this and just want Apple to get on with iPhone 5 already?

Vote in the poll and give us the details in the comments!

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TiPb Asks: Do you update your apps?

Do you update your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad apps? It might sound like a strange questions given Apple's easy "Update All" button, but not everybody does. At least, I don't. I never update an app unless it's added a new feature or game level I want, or fixes a bug that I care about. I'm not a slacker -- okay, I'm not just a slacker -- I've had apps that worked perfectly in the past be totally ruined by a bad update, be it a horrible new feature or a really buggy release. So now I leave well enough alone and don't update until I have to.

Am I the in the minority here? Do all of you update religiously or are some of you more hesitant (or lazy!) like me? At the moment I have 51 app updates pending for my iPhone 4, how many do you have?

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TiPb Asks: What's your email signature?

Sent from my iPhone. Sent from my iPad. Thanks to some curt Steve Jobs customer support replies, these default iOS email signatures are nearly iconic now. But are you still using them?

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