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Tipb Guide

Daily Tip: How to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 5

Want to upgrade your iOS device to iOS 5? iTunes makes the process of upgrading painless. And it's just like checking for upgrades and updating any other firmware version in iTunes. The best part is once you're on iOS 5 you can start to receive OTA updates after your initial update to iOS 5.

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Daily Tip: How to regain access to a passcode disabled iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

If you forgot your passcode or someone guessed the password incorrectly too many times, you're iPhone will disable itself or you won't have access to it. If you've actively been creating backups of your iOS device, you can still regain access. The screenshot above was sent to us by a baffled reader who's small child got ahold of their iPhone. I highly doubt anyone would want to wait 6 million minutes to access their iPhone.

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Daily Tip: how to customize push notifications for Twitter

Use a Twitter app on your iPhone and wondering how to customize a balance between getting far too many push notifications, or none at all? Between your main timeline, @ replies/mentions, direct messages (DMs), list notifications, and trending topics - it can be a little overwhelming. There's been talk of Twitter being integrated into iOS 5, but until then, you've got a few options. We'll show them to you after the break!

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Daily Tip: How to ditch the Facebook for iPhone app (and still get notifications)

Not a fan of the official Facebook for iPhone app, desperate for an alternative, but still need to get notifications? Join the club. I've never been a fan. Their cryptic "bug fix" updates never seem to improve anything and notifications are always so finicky. More often than not, I open my Facebook app to find several notifications that were never pushed to my iPhone. On top of that, the timeline can be choppy or jump randomly. And the whole "liking comments" just seems to decide on its own whether or not it's going to work that specific day.

If you feel the same way, hit the jump for some workarounds and alternative solutions to using the Facebook for iPhone application.

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TiPb Guide: Common iPhone and iPad data and wireless networking related terms

TiPb brings you a full glossary of common iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV data and wireless networking related terms.

Reading up on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Apple TV and wondering what all those data specifications and cellular networking terms mean? From 2G to WDCMA, 802.11 to Bluetooth, we've got you -- and every wireless term we can think of -- covered below!

For even more iOS and Apple-related terms see our complete iPhone and iPad glossary. And as always, if we're missing anything, add additions and corrections in the comments below!

[Special thanks to The Cell Phone Junkie, Mickey Papillon for help compiling this list!]

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iPhone 4 buyers guide

TiPb helps you decide if you should buy an iPhone 4, on which network, and whether you should get it now or wait until the next generation

Trying to figure out if it's a good time to buy that iPhone 4 -- or Verizon iPhone 4 -- or if you should wait for the iPhone 5? Or maybe you're still trying to decide if the iPhone is right for you, and considering some alternatives? No worries, TiPb has your back -- here's our iPhone Buyer's Guide.

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