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TiVo adds AirPlay support to its app for iPhone and iPad

TiVo has added AirPlay support to its app for iPhone and iPad, letting your stream your recorded programs from your TiVo DVR to your Apple TV

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TiVO announces iOS-friendly set-top box

TiVO recently announced a new TV-side device that can stream shows right to your iPhone and iPad. The aptly-named TiVO Stream will be able to download or stream programs to your iOS device without messing around with what's currently playing on your TV.

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Apple TV and TiVo?

Could a next generation Apple TV not only run iOS, but also TiVo's awesome DVR software? That's what the rumors on the webs are saying.

It seems hard to reconcile both a new, tiny, solid-state Apple TV powered by iOS with the bigger, beefier needs of local HD video recording an playback, so I'm taking this with a grain of salt, especially considering Steve Jobs' comments at the last D8 conference.

But at the same time the thought of iOS apps, iTunes streaming, and TiVo local recording makes me positively giddy with want. (And probably makes the upcoming Google TV slightly less competitive).

What do you think? Make Apple TV lean and mean and focused on the stream, or give it the TiVo treatment?

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i.TV 2.0 Intros Push Notification, iTunes Download, and "Remote Control Framework" for iPhone

i.TV just let TiPb know they've submitted version 2.0 of their popular iPhone and iPod touch app to the iTunes App Store. What's in store for us this time out?

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