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Man Hit By Train While Texting, OMG

Here is a grim reminder to all of us that certain situations require our complete attention.

Picture this. A guy texting away with his eyes glued to a cell phone (no, it wasn't an iPhone) heedlessly wanders in the path of an oncoming train. The dude narrowly avoids being struck, turns directions and goes back to texting, then walks straight in front of a second oncoming train. This time he's not so lucky.

Unfortunately this very tragic scene happened earlier today to an unnamed Cincinnati Ohio man. Police have not yet released his identity, or disclosed his injuries, but he at least survived his brush with death and is undergoing medical care.


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10 Shortcomings to Touch Screens You May Not Like About iPhone

Red Ferret has posted ten criticisms of touch displays that users may strongly dislike about iPhone as well. Now, I am a long time PDA veteran and have used mobile devices for as many years as there are points in this article. And I can say that most of these criticism are rather frivolous or exaggerated. Point 4 is particularly nitpickish. Is it really a shortcoming that you can't carry your car keys in the same pocket with your phone? Uh, not if you also consider it a shortcoming that you can't drive your car in the same lane with oncoming traffic.

Anyway, feel free to read through the ten points and draw your own conclusions.

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