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Microsoft Rumored to be Killing Pink, Workers Using iPhones Anyway

Rumor has it Microsoft is on the verge of axing the Pink Project. Come on, you remember those Pure Turtle phones we've been hearing about for months? The ones built by the former Danger/Sidekick team that might run Zune software and compete for the hearts and minds of tweens (TM PalmCast) everywhere? Yeah, those. Axed. Finished. Ballmered.

Seems like since their dear leader Andy Rubin left to father Android for Google, things have been on something of a downward spiral:

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Microsoft Pure Pink Turtle Phones Leaked!

Some feel there's got to be more to this Microsoft Pink platform, Turtle and Pure phone concept than meets the eye. We're wondering if, like Newman on Seinfeld, there's actually less?

Could it really just be a Microsoft Sidekick running Zune HD software?

On the face, we'd say that's crazy. Microsoft already has Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Mobile 7, and the Zune HD on the market, would they really fragment their offering further by releasing an Instinct-class consumer phone?

Anyone else, never. Microsoft, absolutely.

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The Competition: On Pure Pink Turtles and Surface Tablets

So the Zune HD is out, Windows Mobile 6.5 is starting to come out, Windows Mobile 7 will come out end of next year, and all of this relates to project Pink and new rumors of device code-names Pure and Turtle, and a Surface-related tablet just how exactly?

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