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Twitter for iPhone (Tweetie 3.0) is coming... now-ish

Twitter for iPhone, aka Tweetie 3.0, is showing as an available update now in iTunes, though the link currently leads to an "application unavailable" popup. We take this to mean that, yes, Tweetie 2.0 was pulled from the iTunes App Store last night because the newly rebranded version is on its way... now-ish.

How long it takes for now-ish to become now depends on entirely on the wanton tease that is iTunes' international propagation system. If/when you manage to grab it, let us know in comments and tell us what you think. (Especially if you spot any nifty new features!)

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Birdfeed Twitter Client is now Brizzly... and Free!

The delightful Twitter client Birdfeed has been bought, updated, and rebranded by Brizzly and is now available as Brizzly for iPhone... for free! [iTunes link]

If you're looking for a great Twitter client, give Brizzly a try. (Note: per comment below, you do need a account to use it which

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Reportage Twitter "Radio Tuner" Version 1.5

iPhone Twitter clients are best in class, point finale, but no one client can be great at everything which is why specialty Twitter apps like Reportage 1.5 [$1.99 - iTunes link] can be so valuable.

While the original Reportage impressed by virtue of concept alone, it had a few rough edges overall. Reportage 1.5 addresses those, baking in good browsing and replying to go along with the great reading.

If you ever find yourself getting lost in the timeline, following too many people who make too many tweets, Reportage and its "radio tuner" metaphor can be a great way to find just what you're looking for. If you check it out, let us know what you think.

Screen shots after the break!

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Hootsuite Comes to iPhone, Brings Twitter and Statistics with it

Hootsuite [$1.99 on sale until Dec. 17 - iTunes link] is a hybrid client that not only provides basic Twitter functionality but also hooks into Hootsuite's own services to provide statistics (on things like click-throughs) and scheduled tweets (so you can set it to tweet "Happy New Year!" while you're busy getting your champagne on).

In our brief tests, it offered good functionality especially for a first release, with an interesting take on many of the standards, and if you have (or are willing to create) a Hootsuite account as well, it brings a host of new features to the table.

(Though no, push notifications isn't one of them yet).

If you give it a try, let us know what you think (especially you, Bla1ze!). More screens after the break!

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Tweetie 2.1 Twitter Client for iPhone Brings Geotag, Lists, New-Style Re-Tweets

Tweetie 2.1 [$2.99 - iTunes link] -- a FREE upgrade for Tweetie 2.0 users -- brings support for Twitter's new Geotag feature (so everyone will know where exactly you're tweeting from), Twitter lists (what lists you have, what lists you subscribe to, though not the likely less-wieldly lists you're on), and the controversial new-style re-tweets (where you see the original tweeter in your timeline, not the person you're following who re-tweeted it).

There are other additions as well: report spam (via API), tweet-stream "gap" detection (looks like a torn gap in your timeline), and a tone of other stuff (including disable pin-stripes for the pixel-haters).

So how does Tweetie 2.1 handle all this new stuff? With Atebit's trademark buttery-smooth UI. Geotag is a new icon under the tweet-count drop-down menu. Twitter lists can be accessed via the More (...) icon on the bottom navigation bar, and you can view, manage, and even add new lists right on-device. New-style re-tweets get a small pink corner icon on the top right, and tapping on it brings up the original tweet with text on the bottom telling you which person you follow re-tweeted it.

If you decide to give it a try, let us know how you like it. (Or help me try it out via @reneritchie)

Screenshots galore after the break!

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Birdfeed Twitter Client for iPhone Goes 1.2

Birdfeed [$2.99 - iTunes link], one of the best looking, slickest working iPhone Twitter clients we've looked at, has just been updated to version 1.2 and is jam-packed with new, well-handled features:

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Why It's Easier to Make a Great Twitter Client for iPhone than for Android

Why is it easier to make a great Twitter client for Apple's iPhone than for Google Android phones like the new Verizon DROID? After Robert Scoble wrote a typically impassioned post entitled The Droid fails AS A PRODUCT when compared to Palm Pre and iPhone, and used Twitter clients as an example, Thomas Marban of Android's premiere Twitter client, Twidroid, responded:

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App Review: TwiBit 2.0 Twitter Client for iPhone

TwitBit 2.0 Forum Review by llofte. For more Forum Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum Review Index!

Surprisingly, nearly 3 months after iPhone 3.0's release, there are only a few twitter applications that offer push notifications. Twitbit is one of them. Version 1.x wasn't compelling enough for me to use as my primary client, but the latest 2.0 update is rather impressive and brings Twitbit up to par with other great Twitter clients. The design is clean and simple yet not lacking in important features.

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App Walkthrough: Tweetie 2.0 Twitter Client for iPhone

Tweetie 2.0 [$2.99 - iTunes link] is the second generation release of one of the iPhone's most popular Twitter clients. According to developer Atebits, it's also a ground-up re-write -- it even has a snazzy new gray, single, cut-out bubble icon to prove it -- the only thing 2.0 having in common with 1.0 being the name. I'd argue that point -- they're also both darn good Twitter clients, and they both share a price of $2.99.

That's right. Since Apple doesn't (yet?) provide a mechanism for upgrades (which to many developers means incentive and to many users means discount), and since in-app purchase can only add content, not replace an entire app, Atebits is packaging Tweetie 2.0 as a whole new app. And they're charging the same price. In other words, whether you bought the first Tweetie or not, you'll have to buy Tweetie 2.0.

Is it worth it? Let's take a look...

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Quick Twitter Apps: qStatus and Echofon Twitter Clients for iPhone

qStatus is the App Store subset of the qTweeter Jailbreak app, and Echofon is the new name for Twitterfon. Confused yet? Don't be, we've got the basics on both these iPhone and iPod touch Twitter clients!

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