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How do you type on the iPhone: Portrait or landscape? [Poll]

How do you type on the iPhone: Portrait or landscape? How do you type on the iPhone: Portrait or landscape?

Last night we asked you how you grip the iPhone while typing, and tonight we're continuing our typing series by asking you about your orientation -- portrait or landscape?

Apple says they designed the iPhone with one-handed ease of use in mind, and maybe that's why it took them until iOS 3 to make landscape mode persistent across most of the built-in apps. But for a lot of people, the extra-wide, Cadillac-style typing experience of landscape is exactly what they want, number of hands it takes to hold and use it be damned.

For others, it might depend on the app. Portrait for on the go or quick stuff, landscape for speed-texting or longer-form writing.

When you want to get your type on, which orientation do you hold your iPhone? Portrait or landscape? Vote in the poll up top and give us the details and why you do what you do below!

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How do you type on your iPhone: Hand position? [Poll]

How do you type on your iPhone: Hand position?

For the first on this week's series of polls on keyboards and typing, we want to know whether you typically type on your iPhone with one hand or with two? Do you hold it and thumb away at the keyboard with the same hand? Do you hold it in your left and poke away at it with your right, or vice versa? Do you hold it in both hands and thumb away at it? If you use multiple methods, which one do you use most? Do you vary your grip when you want to type faster?

Vote in the poll and let me know the details, and the reasons for doing it the way you do, in the comments.

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The qualitative difference when writing on an iPad

Typing on an iPad is a decidedly deliberate affair. Absent a hardware keyboard, there's no feeling to the keys, no mechanical switch to the process, no muscle memory to produce words and phrase at the speed of thought. You almost have to look at what you're typing, and look again to make sure what was rendered matched your intent. Unlike a laptop keyboard, an instrument of will that simply puts character to screen, the iPad feels like something that needs to be coaxed at times, and that splits your attention between tool and creation. Jason Snell of Macworld has started exploring the differences he experiences when typing on a laptop compared to his iPad.

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Daily Tip: How to type faster and more easily on the iPad's split keyboard

With iOS 5, Apple introduced a split keyboard mode for the iPad, so we could more easily type with our thumbs when holding the iPad in both hands. If you already use the split keyboard, you know it provides one of the best touchscreen typing experiences on any tablet. But did you know Apple built in "phantom keys" to make typing with the split keyboard even faster and easier?

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TouchFire screen-top keyboard for iPad gets Kickstarter funding and garners huge interest [video]

The TouchFire is a screen-top keyboard that clips onto your iPad or iPad 2 and it is said to provide a touch typing experience. It has been invented by two guys with a great pedigree in product development, Steve Isaac & Brad Melmon. Steve has worked for Sun Microsystems, GO and Microsoft whilst Brad worked for HP, IDEO, Moto Development, and Speck. All of this experience had been brought together to bring the TouchFire screen-top keyboard to reality.

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Superfunctional 3: Keyboard claw

Geoff and Rene answer a question about incline treadmills, then talk all about the keyboard -- or CrackBerry! -- claw. What causes repetitive stress injuries and what can be done about them. This is Superfunctional!

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How to shake-to-undo typing, deleting, cutting, pasting, and more on iPhone

New to iPhone, made a mistake typing, deleting, cutting, or pasting and wondering how to undo it? While you might have already figured this out through unbridled frustration and rage, if you're far more controlled than me us, follow on after the break for the easy, if sometimes silly tip!

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How are you typing on your iPhone?

Which way do you prefer to type on your iPhone? There are a lot of options -- horizontal or vertical keyboard, two hands and double thumbs or one hand holding and the other poking. If you're using iPhone 4, have you changed the way you type to avoid covering the lower left hand corner?

Let us know your primary or preferred typing method in the poll above, and if you switch things up for certain apps, or have any special tricks to make the text fly, let us know the details in the comments.

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