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Oxford University is working on a self drive car controlled by an iPad

A Nissan Leaf electric car has been modified by Oxford University to become a robotic car controlled by an iPad. The project which it is called “auto drive” enables the car to drive itself for short stretches which could mean a stress free school run for parents or a productive work commute for others.

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iTunes U gets its own app, includes course syllabus, assignments, prof hours, and more

Today, Apple has been making a bunch of education-related announcements, and one of them is a new app for iTunes U.

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University of Iowa students can now check their laundry via iPhone, iPad app

The University of Iowa has launched a campus app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch dedicated to helping students navigate the campus, follow news and events and even check to see if their laundry is done!

A new smartphone application allows University of Iowa students and others to see the latest campus headlines, events calendars and even when their laundry in the dorms is finished washing.

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Apple Edu Promo: Buy a Mac - Get a Free iPod touch

Apple is gearing up their 2009 university student-targeted promotion, and it turns out this year is a lot like last year:

A Mac has everything university students need for school. And now it includes something extra special. When university students buy a qualifying Mac, they'll get a free iPod touch after mail-in rebate. And they save even more with Apple education pricing. This offer is for a limited time and is available only at the Apple Online Store, Apple Retail Stores, and Apple Authorized Campus Stores.

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University of Missouri School of Journalism: iPhone Required!

TUAW's reporting that Brian Brooks, Dean of University of Missouri's Journalism School is requiring that students have an iPhone or iPod touch. Why? So they can keep digital recordings of their lectures handy and listen to them more than once. Seems -- shock and disbelief -- repetition enhances learning.

Required is a key word, since it allows students to include the iPhone cost for their financial aid. They won't insist students have one, however, or -- apparently -- give detention to anyone who shows up with a Zune instead...

Hey, maybe they should just record every lecture as a podcast and put it up on iTunes U? : )

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