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Unlocked Iphone

Spectrum reallocation enables unlocked iPhone to use T-Mobile 3G in a a few locations

TmoNews is reporting that some unlocked iPhone users may be picking up T-Mobile's 3G network in small areas of the Pacific Northwest -- specifically limited pockets in Nevada, Utah and California -- due to spectrum reallocation under the 1900MHz band.

Most unlocked iPhone users are relegated to 2G due to most of the T-Mobile 3G network running on the AWS spectrum of 1700MHz/2100MHz. We're not exactly sure what they're reallocating the spectrum for, however, multiple reports have surfaced from Howard Forums detailing a jump in speeds and, more specifically, the 3G network indicator popping up in the statusbar on their unlocked iPhone.

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Poll: Will you be buying an unlocked US iPhone 4?

Will you buy an unlocked US iPhone 4?Market Research

Now that Apple is finally selling the unlocked iPhone 4 in the US, will you be buying one? If so, is it the lack of a contract, the easy SIM-swapping when traveling, or some other reason that makes it compelling? (Like scalping them overseas, maybe? You can tell me!) Or with iPhone 5 just around the corner, is there no way you're dropping $650-$750 on a 12 month old iPhone 4 at this point? Are you undecided, or decidedly no?

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Apple wants you to give the gift of an unlocked iPhone

iPhone 4 is everything they're wishing for—all in one gift. And it's unlocked and contract free, so it works with the carrier of their choice. Reserve iPhone 4 for pickup at the Apple Retail Store, or shop online and get free shipping.

Curiously, clicking on the "Reserve iPhone 4 for pickup" brings you to a page that tells you iPhone 4 isn't currently available for reservation and is instead first come, first served.

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TiPb Birthday Bash! Win an Unlocked ColorWare iPhone 3G!

As previously announced, TiPb celebrates our one year anniversary on May 11, and as a giant thanks to you, our members, we're celebrating in style. Birthday Bash style! Starting tomorrow, we begin a slew of daily give-aways including iPhone accessories, promo codes for some of our favorite apps, iTunes gift cards, and... our biggest grand-prize so far:

  • A factory unlocked 8GB iPhone 3G in your choice of 35 different color options courtesy of the awesome folks at ColorWare.

That's right. Your iPhone. Your way.

How can you win? Simple! Remember those daily give-aways we just mentioned? Enter them (this here Birthday Bash link will help you keep track!). Every time you enter one of the give-away contests, you are automagically entered to win the grand-prize.

Contests start tomorrow, May 7, 2009. Announcements will be here on the blog, but the contests themselves will take place on the TiPb iPhone Forums so if for some unimaginable reason you haven't yet -- register now!

Contest details after the break!

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China Mobile + iPhone = Break Ups to Make Ups

As the iPhone bandies around the world, many Wall Street analysts have been wondering when China Mobile would be invited to join the likes of O2, T-Mobile and Orange to the exclusive iPhone party.

Well, according to dBTechno, it might be sooner than we think.

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