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Comic: Replacing a loyal MacBook friend

Welcome to this week's edition of The Pixel Project: a weekly comic from Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens on Apple, technology, and everything in-between. Today: Replacing a loyal MacBook friend.

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Cheap iMac torn-down, memory still not upgradeable

A tear down of Apple's new lower priced $1,099 iMac desktop reveals that, not suprisingly, the memory is not upgradeable. Users who purchase the system will be left stuck with the 8 GB of RAM that the device ships with as the RAM is soldered onto the logic board and cannot be swapped out for higher capacity modules.

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OWC rolls out turnkey processor and memory upgrade for the new Mac Pro

That Mac Pro that's taking up space on your desk can be faster, better, stronger with new upgrades from OWC. The new turnkey upgrade program lets you send in your shiny new Mac Pro to OWC, have their Apple Certified technicians swap out your piddly old chips for powerful new ones, and then ship it right back to you, more capable than ever.

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How to breathe new life into a dying Mac Pro

I'm targeting this at a very select group of readers: those of you, like me, who have Apple's most neglected Mac model. The red-headed stepchild of the Mac family. The Mac Pro. If you're limping along with an ever-aging Mac Pro, what's the best way to get some more life out of the old beast? Let's take a look.

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Apple encouraging MobileMe users to switch to iCloud with free Snow Leopard upgrade offer

Apple is trying to encourage users of its MobileMe service to switch over to iCloud by offering a free Snow Leopard upgrade DVD. Snow Leopard usually costs $29 from the Apple Store. In order to use iCloud on your Mac, it has to be running Lion. Apparently, some percentage of MobileMe users are still running on Leopard and haven’t upgraded to Snow Leopard which is needed before you can upgrade to Lion.

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Daily Tip: How to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 5

Want to upgrade your iOS device to iOS 5? iTunes makes the process of upgrading painless. And it's just like checking for upgrades and updating any other firmware version in iTunes. The best part is once you're on iOS 5 you can start to receive OTA updates after your initial update to iOS 5.

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How to sell your old iPhone before upgrading to the iPhone 4S

So you're getting an iPhone 4S, you've chosen the carrier and decided on the storage size, and now you need to figure out the ins and outs of how to sell your old iPhone (or other smartphone) before upgrading? If you don't want to keep it around as a spare, or as an iPod touch, or hand it down to a family member or friend -- if you're looking to get some cash back -- then there are a few things you can do, and a few things you need to know before getting started.

Today we're going to show you how to cash out the old and bring in the new using a number of great services!

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Should you get an iPhone 4S?

Should you upgrade from whatever you have now to an iPhone 4S? The answer to that depends entirely on what exactly you have now, or whether any of the features of iPhone 4S are compelling enough to makes it worth upgrading regardless of what you have now.

Read on for the full breakdown.

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AT&T not allowing upgrade prices for early iPhone 4 adopters?

As of right now, it appears as though AT&T will not be honoring upgrade prices for the iPhone 4S to early iPhone 4 adopters. In the past, early adopters have been able to purchase the new iPhone at the upgrade price even though their account wasn't technically available for an upgrade yet.

I purchased the iPhone 4 on the day of release, but when checking my availability for the iPhone 4S from Apple's website, I'm presented with the following prices:

Before November 25, 2011:

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Daily tip: How to enable iOS4 features on a iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G with WhiteD00r [Jailbreak]

Still have a working original iPhone 2G or iPhone 3G (or an iPod touch 1 or 2) and wondering how to get iOS4 features like Multitasking, Folders or Tethering? If you're willing to Jailbreak with WhiteD00r, you can enable most of these new features with a simple install. We'll show you how after the break!

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